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Sunday, October 14, 2018

How to use Vintage Fabric!

Thrift shops are magical places where you can find things that are no longer available in other shops. There are fantastic finds and sometimes you get especially lucky like I did last week!  I popped into a smaller local shop that I love because they have a very good sewing section and found fabrics. These were vintage 60's fabrics!

 How do you use vintage fabrics? Make garments! 

If you sew, making garments is one of the best ways to use yardage when you are fortunate enough to find some as fantastic as this fabric!

In my stash there was a pattern on my shelf that I had been waiting to make.  The pattern was The High Waisted Skirt from Simple Sew.

The pattern instructions are easy to understand especially if you have sewn a skirt with darts previously. The pleated panel in the bask was a draw to me. This is the first skirt I have made with a pleated panel and again, this is simple to do if you have made a box pleat skirt.

The sizing guide is good and there was only minor adjustments that I needed to make for the darts in the back. I have to adjust for my slight sway in the back and the difference in size from my hips to my waist.

The pleats in the back are a nice touch and make this pencil skirt a little fancier. I had originally seen a skirt similar to this in Kansas City in 2012 when I attended my first Quilt Market. It was in a shop window and I had to go inside to ask about it.  Ever since then, it has been on my mind. Not sure why it has taken me so long to make one.

Trying to keep in the era, I paired the skirt with an eyelet  J. Crew top with a Peter Pan collar, Moschino heels, my grandmother's pearl earrings and a vintage starling rhinestone pin. 

The rhinestone pin was also discovered at the same shop on a different day.

I may need to start making posts about my thrift finds!

On the selvedge of the fabric it was marked with Thompson of California.

I looked it up on the internet and I found Jim Thompson Fabrics

The company has an interesting history.

Jim Thompson dedicated his life to organizing a network of artisans, helping to upgrade their looms, introducing new techniques and designs thereby enabling Thai weavers to create silks that would dazzle the world. By 1950 he had founded The Thai Silk Company, majority-owned by Thais, aimed in part at sustaining the traditional livelihoods, culture and dignity of local weavers and silk farmers.

Reading more about the company makes this find even more special! Especially since they are still in business. 

The truth is there are numerous ways to use vintage fabrics.  This is one way to take lovely finds from the thrift shop, Etsy, or even from the stash from someone you know and turn it into a new lovely item made just for you by you!



Robby said...

Too bad it isn't the right season for a garden party, you're all set! Hope you enjoy your new to you treasure.

Ada Plouvier-Kopitopoulou said...

Nice skirt! I love vintage fabrics and go regularly to the secondhand shops here in Sparta. They don't have fabric, but they have duvet covers, sheets, blouses and dresses. I cut them up and use the pieces to make patchwork quilts, cushions and bags.

Shasta Matova said...

Most of the thrift stores around here don't have fabric. What a treasure you have found, and you have polished it like a diamond to make an even more valuable treasure.

quiltfairy33 said...

That vintage fabric was a lucky find. I love the skirt but even more, how you styled it. Great look!

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