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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Quick Diagonal Pintuck Pouch

Fabric manipulation is a source of joy for me. Taking a flat piece of raw material and creating something with texture and depth is...well...just really cool!

Saturday I took a break from my sewing room. I cleaned house ( it was WAY NEEDED), exercised, chopped wood, uprooted acorns from the walking path that had taken root, and cooked. I did not step into my sewing room for the entire day. This never happens!

It was lovely!

When I awoke this morning, I was a little sore and completely inspired. Here is my result.


It started with a 10 in square from a layer cake that I had by Wenche Wolff Hatling from Northern Quilts for Moda Fabrics. 

Diamond pin tucking was just a must! There was absolutely zero plan other than it had to be pin tucked!


After it was pintucked, which took less time than I had anticipated, I put it to one side to think about what it would become. A Christmas ornament came to mind, but then that idea was tossed for a pouch. 

A pouch made perfect sense for this small square of awesomeness. 

With no pattern, I just started making. It was delightful to go with the flow. 

There was only once that Jack was in hand the entire time. There was no fretting over finishing today, but it happened anyway. 

The texture is fabulous, the pouch itself is finished looking and a great size. 

Overall, I am calling this experience a WIN! 

Range free sewing is pretty cool!


Laura said...

Love this idea, Kim. There is so much texture in your fabric I can't really see the pintucking so I am confused about 'diamond". Did you just "pintuck" on an angle one side then the other? I've used curvy pintucks for a journal cover and they look pretty cool too. I enjoy the energy of your blog and your fabulous ideas. Thanks.

Danette said...

The pintucking is really neat! I have not done it before, but it turned into an adorable pouch.

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