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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why Am I Still Working on Blocks from 2018?

Happy 2019! 

In the world of a quilter you try to have deadlines, but sometimes life has other things in store for you.
I had been making good progress on my 2018 ( yes 2018) Block of the Month for The Quilter's Planner and then two things happened, actually three things. I will share my most current blocks ( from December) as I share what happened as it transpired:

1. I have a new job! 

This one is pretty exciting. It happened in less than a day really. It is for an industry brand that I have known and worked with since 2012.

Island Batik Fabrics! If you don't know their batiks, go check them out! All beautiful! It is a small company that is independently operated, and also self distributes. When you are working with the company, there is no middleman. I kinda love that part!

I am the Social Media Manager and have the great joy of posting all the usual social media stuff, but a bonus for me is the Island Batik Ambassadors! This group of zany creatives has been filling my life with great joy! Learning the business through the back end has been taking some time but Elizabeth and Katie have been so patient with guiding me through the drive. The time that they have spent organizing all of the events is truly amazing! 

If you are not following Island Batik...come join the fun ( there will be giveaways soon and you don't want to miss that fun!)
Island Batik Facebook 
Island Batik Instagram 

2. Winter Break!

Holy smoke! So much time with people at home! It will be three weeks with trying to learn a bunch of new stuff and have people under foot too. The in house 11 year old and I were sick and then snow and then everyone home! By the time everyone is back, it will be four weeks.  Sewing had started taking a back seat.

3. This one..sigh...is the BEST EVER! 

The in-house teen came home for almost a full week!  This is how it went down last Friday... ( I am using my post from Facebook because, I can ;o) 

I don't like surprises...EVER!

Yesterday changed my mind.

The in-house 11-year-old came into the house to make me aware of a liquid spill in the tv room. I followed him into the room and asked what he spilled so I could go through my mental spill file to figure out the best clean up method that would:
A. Work
B. Not drive me crazy

We walk into the room and I am looking for the great spill of 2018 that the kid had to come back into the house to point it out to me.

"Where is the spill? I am not seeing it!"

I was a bit irritated at this point because I was actively focused in spreadsheets and to re-engage with laser-like focus was going to take time and much more coffee!

He looked at me, smiled and said: " There is no spill, it was a distraction!"


The next thing I knew, in walked the in-house teen with her sassy self and bright smile!

She went to her older-older brother's house in OK for Christmas. I did not think we would see her again until March!

I cried! A LOT!

I may have squished her guts out a bit too!

Surprises have moved up in my list of okay things ❤️

I lied, there is the fourth thing...

4. I was asked to submit a Block of the Month for The National Quilt Museum! And I DID!!!!

It was a CRAZY WONDERFUL month that threw so much wonderful at me that I forgot to breathe! Other things happened but these are the best and the ones I am embracing as I head into 2019!

Sewing will be back in my normal as I settle into 2019 and life goes back to an even keel rather than the crazy that has been happening ( although I would not change ANY of it for the WORLD).

What projects are you bringing with you into 2019?


Pamela said...

What a month! It's going to be a fabulous 2019, too! Hugs from one of the zany Island Batik Ambassadors ;)

Julie said...

I love your posts and congrats on the new job. Family always "surprises" me - this year youngest daughter got engaged just before Christmas - happy news!

Go-Go Kim said...

Thank you and the Ambassadors ROCK ❤❤❤

Gene Black said...

Congrats on the new job. Island batiks are just awesome to sew with.
I loved reading your facebook post about the Surprise with your teen showing up. The eleven year old did a great job with the distraction.

Nancy said...

Your blocks are lovely, bit by bit you will get them done.
Congratulations on your new job, sounds like a great one.

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