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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sewing Safety Tip! Never Put ANYTHING in your mouth!

Add these little clips to the DO NOT PUT INTO YOUR MOUTH 👄 list! I was working hard on trying a new pattern out and popped this in between my front teeth tiny side front to hold...just for a second. It’s not a pin, I remember how you can inhale pins and ğŸ‘ŽğŸ» nope! 

I was in high gear from the ironing board to the sewing machine and I tripped! Not drinking, just a klutz. Next thing I knew, the clip was almost down my throat! WTF! Of course, no one was home and I was able to cough HARD! NEVER PUT THINGS IN YOUR MOUTH! PLEASE! I am now WIDE AWAKE and have lost my sewing focus. Taking a break for the rest of today! ⁣

What dangerous thing has happened in your sewing room? ⁣Let me know in the comments below! 

I would love to put together a post highlighting other things that can and do happen in a sewing room! We are all in this together!

Back to what led up to this almost really bad accident. 

This all happened because my head was filled with finishing an idea that I had started! Distracted is not quite the right word...hmmm...focused sounds just about right!

I had an idea, it stayed in my head and needed to be heard! It JUMPED UP and DOWN and said "ME!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!" ⁣

Next to the party arrived that old giddy feeling of a ??? met with "Can I?" ⁣

You never know unless you try and something that may take someone else from idea to finish about an hour has taken me two days, lots of seam ripping, and finally, a very imperfect finish that I cannot love more! ⁣

Take every single idea in your head and WRITE IT DOWN! It is good or maybe not but NEVER EVER dismiss an idea until it has had a full go! A maybe that turns into a YES! Or a NOPE with a spin-off that may be better! ⁣

This is not the end of this little pouch but that start of YESSES that I have been putting to one side because inside of me said no.⁣



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I do this all the time with pins...a nasty habit! Glad you didn't hurt yourself!

Gene Black said...

I have learned to clip those to my shirt front (and I sometimes put pins in my shirt too-although that could be painful if I fell on them.)

Elsa said...

So glad you were able to cough that little clip out!
I was doing to rotary cutting, had long hair at the time and used the hand holding that open cutter to push my hair back ... it cut my forehead and you know how head wounds bleed ... it was a mess. Luckily it wasn't too deep.
I got the kind of rotary cutter that closes when you're not using it AND got my hair cut short.

c said...

dentist has yelled at me many times about the chips in my front teeth from holding pins in my mouth.

Dentist Calgary said...

Holding sewing pins in your mouth may seem convenient, but it's actually a dangerous habit with potential risks to your teeth. Accidental bites can cause chipped teeth, cuts to the gums, or even damage to the jaw. Moreover, the metal pins can corrode and release harmful substances into your mouth. Remember, safety first!

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