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Monday, December 30, 2019

10 Must Have Sewing Items for 2020

Every sewing room has a list of must-haves or at the very least must-wants that are sometimes absolutely necessary but other items are just so nice to have on hand.

This post was going to be much earlier in the month but that didn't happen so instead of what every sewing enthusiast or quilter wants for the holidays, time to reveal what you can add with the fabulous After Holiday or Happy New Year sales!

In writing this collection, I wanted to be sure to add things that are perfect for all levels of sewers and all budgets. Like any hobby or creative business, sewing can get expensive very quickly! I don't want you to feel like you HAVE to go out and purchase everything new for 2020.

Full disclosure: some of the items on this list were sent to me to use in my sewing studio. The items have been used for a year or longer and have my full recommendation as an item that I believe in and would purchase.

Let's get started with the 10 Must Have Sewing Items for 2020!!!!

1. LDH Scissors

This year I have been so fortunate to meet and try out many of the scissors, snips, rotary cutters and tailor shears made by a small family business that believes in the quality of product and excellent customer service! It is difficult to choose a favorite from this brand. If I had to choose just one item, it is the tailor shears!

I can describe these beauties in three words:

1. Smooth
These shears are really easy on the hands. I have not had any issues with the blades catching. With their larger size, I was fearful of them being difficult to handle but, quite the contrary, I reach for these more than any other scissors in my studio!

2. Sharp
Thankfully (and surprisingly) I have not cut myself with them (yet)! I have yet to discover any fabric or layers of fabric that these cannot cut through with ease! And the TIPS! The tips of these scissors are sharp enough that they are my go-to for those tiny areas.

3. Slick
Just look at them! All scissors should be this sexy!

The LDH Scissors Team travels around to regional quilt shows to educate and make scissors available to you. If you see them on a vendor list, be sure to stop by! They are WONDERFUL!

2. Oliso Irons

Some like it HOT! I know I do! My Oliso iron is now over a year old and is as strong as when Oliso first sent it to me!

Since that time they have also sent me an adorable mini travel iron! It is just as delightful as it's older sister!

This affordable mini has been my sidekick! It is so lightweight it can go anywhere! It gets super hot and gets into those little areas that bigger irons may have an issue.

SO LOVE this little iron!

3.  Reading or Up-close Work Glasses

As pointed out by the in-house engineer...this is 2020 😂 

In all seriousness, being able to see while sewing is very important! Keeping your eyes in top top shape and glasses on hand is possibly a TOP priority in every sewing room!

4. Vintage Sewing Machines

This may be a little unconventional. Vintage sewing machines (other than Singer Featherweights) are typically low cost or if you are lucky enough even free, they are low maintenance and so reliable! No plastic to break or motherboards to fry.

My G-ma's Singer

After you check with family members, start checking your local thrift shops. Most thrift shops have electrical outlets that you can try to see if the motor is still running. I typically take a spool of thread, a new needle and some fabric for testing out stitches.

If you love it, make sure to look at the wiring. Some older machines have faulty wiring and are unsafe. You can buy the machine but be 100% sure you have a professional (or someone you can trust) to fix the electrical.

If you purchase a machine that does have some plastic that has yellowed, you can refresh the the look for next to nothing with How to Make Yellow Plastic Look NEW!

5. Good Thread

It always shocks me to hear when people want to by whatever thread is the cheapest!

After spending significant amounts of money on a sewing machine, thread is not something you want to skimp on for your sewing. Even if you did not spend a ton of cash on your machine, thread is still not something that you want purchase with the attitude of it's all the same!

There is no cotton thread on the market that is lint free, however there are threads that create less lint. Threads that produce less lint are significantly better for your sewing sanity and sewing machine overall.

Higher quality thread will cause less issues, provide better results and will keep your machine running carefree longer between servicing.

Does this mean you have to spend a ton of money on threads? You don't have to. You can be mindful of the colors you use the most, no one needs ALL the COLORS! They are pretty but, realistically, how many colors do you use?

If you choose the colors you use the most, you will be saving money buy not purchasing colors you won't use. You can take that savings and put it towards buying better quality thread in colors you WILL use!

Threads also come in weights. The weight is not the thickness of the thread but the weight of the raw material.  The thickness of a all 50wt threads are not equal (I will be posting about this in January).

Most quilters use a cotton 50wt or a 40 wt for their piecing and quilting.

Bluprint is having a sale now on their Craftsy Pima Cotton 50wt thread that is excellent quality and quite lovely! There are a variety of collections is stunning colors and also a few colors available in single spools.

6. Clover Mini Wonder Clips

I liked the regular Clover clips, in fact, I loved them! Until I accidentally purchased the mini clips. Ran out of time to run back to the sewing shop so I used them and OMG! LOVE! They are more like pins that don't poke!

These pins are perfect for garment sewing, bag sewing when you have tight corners, and binding!

7. Schmetz Needles

There are no other machine needles in my opinion. Not only are they amazing, but you can also find them everywhere! And if you are lucky enough, Rhonda Pierce travels to many regional shows to teach classes about what size needle (yes, size matters)to use and how to use the proper needle for the fabrics or layers you are using. If you have the opportunity to sign up for her class, do NOT hesitate!

The Chrome needles are amazing! They are available in all the sizes you know and love.

8. Public Library

Have you visited your local library lately?

Libraries have always been my favorite place in the world. The in house engineer and I seriously joke that I missed my calling in life by not being a research librarian.

One of the recommendations I make the most to people is before buying into a craft (or cooking), visit their local library! There are so many books that can help you find ideas and best of all they are my favorite F word...FREE!!!!

And best of all, libraries have so many helpful people that are there to help you find exactly what you need!

Most libraries also have programs where you can request books from other libraries if it is not available in house. This expands your possibilities even more!

9. Pressing Cloths

Why pressing cloths?

Pressing cloths allow you to use high heat resulting in flatter seams. They are also excellent for protecting your fabric from scorching. When you use fusible interfacing, pressing cloths can protect your iron, your ironing board cover, and your fabric! I'd say that is pretty great!

There are a variety of pressing cloth options but I use inexpensive muslin and shirting. I have a few different ones that I keep in a basket below my ironing board.

The muslin can be purchased at any fabric shop. The shirting fabric I buy from my local thrift shop bins by the pound. By doing it this way, it keeps it economically sound and I use some of those fabrics for quilts too!

10. Be Fearless

I am a 100% self taught sewer! My mother had no desire to sew even though her mother was a wonderful seamstress. Not knowing what I didn't know was the beginning of my thrill sewing adventures!

From this tiny corner in our house in Ramona, I spent hours trying to make and being completely fearless in what I wanted to learn.

Don't worry about making mistakes, no matter what you skill level, they WILL HAPPEN! 

Dare to be free from people telling you there is only ONE way to do something, YOU do WHATEVER makes YOU happy! 

Color choices are YOURS! Stand by your decisions! Just because something is taught in a certain way or is shown in a certain fabric collection does not make that the ONLY way! Trust how you feel about things. It could SUCK but it could also be the most awesome thing you have ever made!

Add some (or all) of these 10 Must Have Sewing Items to your sewing life and let me know how it goes!

Happy New Year! I am SO looking forward to sewing with you in 2020! 



Marnie said...

A good list and not just a list of products to buy which is refreshing.

I'd like to add to your list of pressing cloths though...I got a cheap metre remnant of some orange silk organza, cut it up for pressing cloths and it's great. Very heat resistant but also sheer so you can see that the area being pressed is lying correctly before steaming in any inadvertent creases.

janequiltsslowly said...

Great list, Kim! I sure would love a link where I could acquire #10! ;)

Kate said...

Close up glasses also serve as eye protection in case your needle breaks and goes flying. Even dollar store ones are better than nothing.

MissPat said...

Thank you for including your public library on this list. As a retired public librarian, I am a bit biased on the subject, but believe that the library is one of the best resources a community can provide. Hats off to you for sharing that. And the rest of your list isn't bad either.

Unknown said...

Fearless is just a word! My mother in law and I worked on some projects together,at times were both stumped. Realize its not brain surgery. Laugh and get some confidence and carry on.

raojee said...

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