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Monday, December 23, 2019

How to Make Easy + Budget Friendly Personalized Wine Labels

We all have the ONE family member (or possibly more) that really has everything they need and really don't have much room for more accumulation of stuff!

Being basically stuck in bed for the past two weeks trying to beat pneumonia (if I could give it less than 1 star I would), I have been put in a place of trying to come up with ideas that are easy to do and economical for the holidays.

I was struck with a brilliant idea for an easy to make personalized wine (or any other bottle) label that can be used for any gift-giving occasion for that special someone in your life! Say hello to your Christmas, Hanukkahhostess, Mother's Day, birthday, guild, housewarming, or any other gift that you would like to personalize.

You can make this in about an hour for the first one then less time for any others because you will have the template ready to go!

The tools you will need for this project are probably things you already have in your house!

1. A Vintage baby book or scanned photos
2. A non fabric rotary cutter or scissors
3. Spray adhesive or Mod Podge +brush
4. A ruler if you are cutting with a rotary cutter
5. Printer paper

Open up that baby book, family photo album or photos you have on your computer or phone!

Choose a photo that is a long time favorite. I chose the in house engineer's first birthday photo.

Now measure your label. I start measuring at the 1" line and go from there. The in house engineer has told me for 32 years that this is the more accurate way to measure.

This label is 4.5"h x 3"w

Next I go into Canva, which I us for pretty much all of my graphics. It is free and pretty easy to figure out. There are paid options for more features but the free ones have been working perfectly for my needs.

From the home page, on the bottom right there is a Custom dimensions option, this is where you add your personal size requirements.

And honestly, there could be a dozen other ways to do this project but this way took me about an hour for the first one and then it was set up and took me about 10 min from start to finish for the others.

The template size will appear as a blank slate.  On the bottom left of the page select the Uploads option.

To upload a photo into Canva, you have to options, you can drag and drop or choose to upload a photo from your desktop.

Drag and drop is my favorite.

For this example, I chose my mother in law's Portuguese Festa Queen photo that was kindly sent to me by her nephew.

As you can see the photo is not a perfect fit. Not to worry, this is a simple fix!

Select the photo and using the dots on the for corners you can make the photo larger to fit the frame.

You can also move the photo from left to right or up and down to get he perfect fit!

When you have the photo where you want it, tap the Done button at the top.

You can also make small edits to the photo by selecting Adjust.

Now for the text! On the left side of the page there is a Text option. You can make your own, but to save time, I am using the Font Combinations.

I chose Save the Date. It had the look for vintage and classy! When you select a font combination, it will appear on your photo. Double click on the text and add your text.

I am going with Festa Queen. I am also adding some of the other information that is on the original label in the smaller text so we know what it is inside the bottle!

The text box can be moved to the perfect positioning and will even have pink lines to let you know when you are perfectly centered.

 Once you have everything you want, you can download the finished product!

On the upper right side there is a ⬇ which is the download button. When you tap on it a dropdown will appear. Tap the Download button and your design will be ready!

Since the graphic did not come out EXACTLY as I wanted it, I fixed it with the tools in preview on my laptop.

As shown below, open the photo in preview and select Tools. Then select the Adjust Size option.

The Adjust Size option will open and give you this screen. I chose to make the personalized label just a tad larger than the original label to make it easier to add and also to make it feel flawless.

Select Custom, add your dimensions to the boxes and make sure to choose inches.

It will have the PERFECT size for your label!

Then easy peasy, go to File and select Print! BAM! You have a label!

After you have the print out, grab your NON fabric rotary cutter or scissors and trim the excess.

Seriously, how cute was he 💖

I am using Spray adhesive for my labels because the dry time is a nano second! If you use spray adhesive, be sure to step outside and wear a mask!

Then line it up and starting from the top smooth it down.

This one is the practice bottle, so there is a bump at the bottom. I was able to smooth it with a thumb after I realized the bump.

I hope you will make some of  for the loved ones in your life! Next up is writing the back of the labels with some storytelling. This can also be the perfect way to walk down memory lane and ignite a time to learn more family stories.



Katy Cameron said...

I hesitate to say it, as it's really quite mean, but perhaps we need to shut you up in bed more often to think up more great ideas!

Kathleen said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

Robby said...

This is fabulous! There are some special occasions coming up and this will be a perfect way to mark those, including for my dad who makes his own wine. Thanks!

I hope you're feeling better and back to Go-Go Great soon.

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