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Monday, March 2, 2020

Monday Motivation 16 Free Bag Patterns

Welcome back to Monday Motivation! The one and only place to be on the one day of the week that everyone dreads! Time to turn that beginning of the work week frown upside down and dive into inspirational posts, by joining Natalie Santini and me for weekly roundups of projects that will get you TOTALLY jazzed for the week!

Are you feeling it this week?

The daylight hours are becoming longer (get ready to SPRING forward on 08 March), the buds on the trees have started, and a few daffodils are showing off their blooms! And in places like Wisconsin, the snow is even melting (a little).

Spring is right around the corner (thank goodness)! The change of seasons is the perfect time to also make a new stylish bag (or three) to add a pop of color to your warmer weather outfit.

This week is a collection of 16 fabulous bag patterns that are completely free (you favorite 4 letter F word)!

Let's start this bag making party!!!!

1.  Natalie created a fabulous starting point if you have never made a bag! A great Messenger Bag without zippers, grommets, or even hardware! If you have never made a bag, START HERE!

2. Next up is the lovely Lilac Mini Messenger - PDF Sewing Pattern by Blue Calla

3. Hip bags are on the map again in a big way! I know this, for a fact since even my VERY HIP daughter loves hers! You can customize this look to suit your style with a free pattern +tutorial for a 2 Zip Hip Bag from Sew Can She!

4. Do you have littles? More Like Home has you covered with a fantastic Hands-Free Stroller Bag pattern + tutorial

5. The ease of a Hobo Bag is so wonderful to grab and GO! If sewing is not your jam, but knitting is, check out the free pattern The Infamous Hobo Bag by Katie Rose. The amazing photo is from The Ravelry Gallery.

6. Loving the Phoebe Bag by Rebeka of Artsy
Crafty Babe! You can find the free Phoebe Bag Pattern on Bluprint .

7. Not too big and not too small is the incredible Carkai Gatherer Crossbody Bag with a free pattern by Anna of Noodlehead

8. Lex from What the Craft has a delightful How To for her Slouchy Hobo Bag

9. The Scandi Bag is an incredible free PDF pattern by Pat Bravo! This bag has a style that is in a class all its own! 

10. Need a sturdy tote to take to the Farmer's Market? Loving this free French Market Tote Bag Tutorial by Andy from A Bright Corner!

11. Add some quilty color to your life with this fab Flying Geese Patchwork Bag with a free tutorial by Giuseppe Ribaudo from Guicy Guice for Bernina We All Sew. 

12. Who says Baby Bags have to be dull and juvenile? Who says that you have to have a baby to carry a bag this gorgeous? This Coach Inspired Baby Bag is made using leather and is stunning!  The free tutorial is by Kojodesigns

13. Backpacks are popular for a good reason! Having your hands free to hold bolts of fabric is necessary! Sew4Home has a free pattern for their Lightweight Designer Day Pack to free your hands up to do many other things and still look fashionable! 

14. OMG! Hello Kitty, 💖 There are so many cat fans in the world that would love to make or have someone make this cute bag for them! The free Kitty Purse pattern from Sew Desu Ne is more advanced but well worth the effort!

15. Satchels are just the right bag for guys, students, and even for business when in a casual working environment! If this is your style, the How to Make a Man Satchel tutorial by Sew What Alicia for Fleece Fun is pretty fabulous! 

16. The free Laney Hobo Bag Pattern by Alicia from Swoon Sewing Patterns is an easy make and looks sew sassy! 

This week we are going to add links to reputable sourcing for bag hardware and faux leather for bag making. These are not affiliate links rather a way for you to find what you need if you are unsure of the quality some shops provide or have no local shops where you can find these items. 

For bag hardware, zippers, and notions, Emmaline Bags offers an incredible variety and also has lovely customer service. The quality is unsurpassed! Janelle also provides how-to tutorials and videos on how to install bag hardware so you will be able to do it right the very first time! 

When looking for Vinyl, faux leather, and leather straps, Natalie from Sew Hungry Hippie has JUST what you need in her shop!  

That's all until next week when Natalie and I will be back again with more Monday Motivation to keep you inspired! 

Want to follow more of the sewing fun?

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