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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Craft Room Overhaul: Fabric Yardage {it gets worse before it gets better}

Welcome back to another week of Craft Room Overhaul!!!!!!!!!!

 Confession time! I have a deep emotional attachment to my fabric stash! Like REALLY STUPID DEEP!!!!!

Having that connection to the things I am not using any longer nor will I be using again (truthfully,I know) is the worst part. The fabrics that are 15 years old but I made something for my son, I LOVE them so much. SO MUCH! The fabrics that I made my first quilts with and started my on both a creative and career path, I mean, HOW can I part with those? They are part of my story. They are me. (gosh that turned depressing real quick)

In this process, I am learning that it is okay to let go, that the memories will still be there without the fabrics, and that I just cannot keep EVERYTHING! And,just like any change in life, it gets worse before it gets better! Ultimately, change is good!

This week, Kim Lapacek and I are diving into yardage. We are diving into many things really because, that reality of organization is not always take out and put back, especially for scrappy quilters. 

Kim and I are both scrappy quilters. We take the tiny stuff and make beautiful things (Kim's quilts are EPIC)  Like this one:

Good golly her quilt is amazing! 

When you make a quilt (or many quilts like the one shown above) You use a bit of this and some of that and have things everywhere. Or maybe that is just me 😅 

So if we are doing Yardage, why am I going on about scraps? Because scraps are everywhere. and  for me to get to the yardage and fat quarters, I am still dealing with scraps. In the bins and boxes there is a variety of everything. When one gets dumped, I am touching each piece and moving it according to its size.

I have been making progress!!!!!!


Currently, here is the what I am doing. None of this is fun. None of this is social media worthy by today's standards. None of the following photos were staged. None of these photos have been edited. Kim and I wanted to share this because of how tidy it always seems on socials.  How fast rooms go from "messy" to perfection in a week.

This is my reality: 

Grabbing a bin and dumping it onto the floor. The floor is the easiest place for me to sort and I have the space. I am REALLY fortunate to have the space and the tolerant family that is overlooking this MESS.

Instead of sorting the sizes and then organizing accordingly, I am doing the OHIO method. Only Handle It Once! The pieces that are SUPER tiny, are now trash. I also have donate bags (4 have already been taken to the donation place), and a big ole sell bin (that will be dealt with at a later date).

The Fat quarters are being wrapped on comic books cards that I cut in half.

I have a clear storage bins for scraps by color and a couple more for collections. Kate Spain, Jennifer Paganelli, and Amy Butler have their bins!

Yardage is also being wrapped on comic book cards. This takes a ton of time! Kim keeps telling me that it is totally worth the effort, and I trust her! 


While there has been great progress, there is so much still to accomplish. And it is overwhelming (completely) but it will be good to have a fresh space and (hopefully) to get my creativity going again!


Another huge task is deciding on how to reconfigure the sewing studio to make space for a design wall. I do not want to put anything on shelves until I have the units in their final home. i need to take measurements, decide if some of the furniture goes and then decide if more fabric needs to go with it. 

ALL BIG decisions! 



Kim found a fab article HERE that shows you 11 other ways for fabric storage.

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Charlotte M. said...

You two have made me want to re-do my stash too. We just moved in February and so there are things that are not quite organized the best yet. Especially my stash and the scraps...oh the scraps. I am trying to sort and tidy all of it to help out my space. Thank you for sharing your progress. It is very inspiring to me.

smithcindyk said...

I am loving this series and appreciate seeing the truth. I use comic boards for yardage but never thought about cutting them in half for fat quarters. Keep on sharing!

PamMacC said...

Koala Studios has a great application on their web pages for doing a plan and layout of your craft room. You can easily add in their furniture or set the dimensions for your own furniture. I used it when I was moving into a larger room with a huge Koala Dual Mate sewing table. I have a lot of furniture in this room but it is well arranged and convenient.

Cool Lizzie said...

This post really hit the mark for me. I, too, am VERY attached to my fabrics - I not only recall what was made, but what ideas I have had over the years for various pieces - it is hell, and yet I get huge satisfaction from messing with the mess. Seeing your reality has given me a lot of relief, some new approaches, and some inspiration.

Regarding fitting in a design wall, maybe moving two shelving units 90 degrees and putting them back-to-back as a "peninsula" to free up wall space for one? Depending on how wide your units are (and how big the room is!), you could possibly even have it two-units wide out from the wall. I have finally done that to some advantage in my room.

Thanks for your take on this ongoing subject!! Good luck with the great scrap sort/tidy/thinning!

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french drain said...

thats nice..and really need a lots of patience.

Unknown said...

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