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Friday, April 22, 2022

Craft Room Overhaul-Week Four (Sorting Scraps is NOT SEXY)

Welcome back to Craft Room Overhaul Week Four ( Fabric Scraps) with me and Kim Lapacek from Persimon Dreams!  

Kim and I had some hard conversations and realized that, in reality, there was no possible way that sorting through our fabric is going to be a one week endeavor. And while I was in the trenches of touching each piece of fabric that I have ever owned, I was completely overwhelmed. 

So Craft Room Overhaul this week is Fabric Scraps! Thank you Kim for making this decision while I was standing in my foyer like a deer in headlights!



I'm am just gonna say it...





Also, if you wanted to add weight training to your day, I highly recommend  seeking out all of the boxes and bins of fabric that are upstairs and down and moving them to your sorting spot! 

Sorting situation:

I am fortunate enough to have a foyer that is unused and honestly has always been an extension of my sewing area. This is a place that I can see everything, start making piles that include:

  • Fabric type (quilting, home decor, garment)
  • Solids
  • Designer collections i do not want to separate
  • Fat quarters
  • Scraps
  • Donate
  • Toss 

My very first sewing area did not have much space like my current one does and I also had a tiny human underfoot making sorting difficult. When the caboose was asleep, I would make a place on the floor in the living room and do as much as I could while he was asleep. There was not as much room at that house and I had not fully discovered scrappy quilts so there was just not as much to do.

Hi, my name is Kim! Meet my fabric!


If complete CHAOS is triggering for you, now is the time to look away! Also, to be completely truthful, this is already a few days, 4 donate bags out, and 3 FULL trash bags out to the bin an dumped.

Why am I sharing all of the photos of this mess? Because after years of being in the sewing community, there are not many photos that show what is behind the scenes of the laborious process from mess to finish. Not just before and after shots but the REAL DEAL!

It was a HAPPY day yesterday as I found the FLOOR!

This is the view from the sewing room (that may be moving to the basement).


And while it doesn't look like process, there has been so much happening! I have no storage ideas to share yet. Sorting into the above mentioned piles is all my brain can process at the moment. This is the view from the family room.

Almost all the shelves are empty. The goal is to not put anything on the shelves until that space is where it will live forever! Or, at least, until we move. And that is a mighty long time.

From the kitchen into the sewing room.

All of these were emptied yesterday!!!! YAY!!!! These might be reused as scrap storage by color.  I would like to use items I already have in the house.

Don’t forget to follow along with us on social media so you can see what we’re up to on our Craft Room Overhaul journey! Cheer us on or JOIN IN!!!!!!!! We'd LOVE the company!!!! Please use #craftroomoverhaul for us to see how you are doing!

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  1. Ok. You have really made me feel a little better about my stash/sewing room! Lol! Thank you for sharing! Every time I go thru my stash I fall in love with those old fabrics again! I tell myself not to purchase more but my brain squirrels and there’s another squishy package being delivered! Oh my goodness I may need an intervention! You have any good ideas on restraint?

  2. reality... love it!!
    thank you!

  3. Holey moley! It almost looks familiar! I just overhauled my sewing room but petered out at the end and sort of stuffed some things onto the shelves in the closet, despite my best intentions. Pat yourself on the back because, no matter what it looks like, progress is being made. PS I loved seeing your plastic totes -- did you ever watch Hoarders? The organizers always say that seeing lots of totes in the hoard meant that someone was TRYING to get organized, but then they started hoarding totes instead!

  4. I almost always loose steam for organization when I get to the "messy middle". I want it to look like the beautiful studio shots but I have great difficulty getting to that point when my studio looks like yours (which is a lot of the time, actually). Most of the time I end up shuffling piles and totes from one place to another with no real organization. Sigh!! Someday maybe I can get from the messy middle to actual organization.
    One thing that has helped me is that I gradually started to get every like item in the same place: hand sewing needles, all my scissors that are not at a work station (I might need a scissor intervention-Oh My!), glues and tapes, all the stabilizers and interfacings, etc. I can actually find a few things now. But there is a long ways to go yet. Thanks for the encouragement. You go girl!

  5. OMG We are related!! Looking at yours makes me unsteady. Looking at mine makes me feel worse. I think I will go to Hawaii!!!


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