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Friday, April 15, 2022

Craft Room Overhaul Week Three {Books & Patterns}

Welcome back to week three of Craft Room Overhaul!!!!!! 


This week Kim and I are tackling all of the Books and Patterns that fill every nook and cranny that is not filled with fabric and thread! 


Can I just say that I am really not sure HOW to store patterns? I have them kind of everywhere at the moment! They are in fabric bins, 


They have found their way into drawers. There is another drawer on the opposite side of this unit that is STUFFED!

I cannot wait to make this one!!!!


I have started sorting them into categories to figure out what is hidden in all the stacks!

I have NO CLUE how I purchased so many patterns that are not even my size! But here they are in all of their glory!
I also have a  suitcase (or two if we are being honest) that has some amazing 70's patterns! I will pop on my favorite passive show on Netflix and sort through all of these this weekend! 

On to my books!

My books are not as out of control as they once were. I took some down to my friend Bonnie Hunter for Quiltville Inn to add to the library she has set up for her guests. 

Side note, if you ever have the chance to go, you will not regret it! It is an incredible place! Bonnie and her husband, Captain Fantastic, really outdid themselves with all of the things they have done to the Inn. 

My books are not only quilting but sewing and some others that just found their way into my space. My first step will be to take away the books that are not sewing related and add them to the library elsewhere in the house.
My books do not take up much room honestly since I have given away many of my books to homes that will get good use from them! 
My hodge podge shelf of books! All of my interests in one spot! Out of everything in my sewing room, this one shelf represents who I am!

Maybe I won't take all the books that are not sewing related out of the room. Perhaps over tidiness can take life out of a space. I will have to mull this over a bit.
For now, it is back to sorting patterns!!!! If you have ideas for storing them, please throw all of your ideas my way! I need them!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!


Rhonda said...

Love the blog post. For patterns, the best way to store them in my opinion is in clear page protectors, in three ring binders. You can get nice binders for under a 1.00 at a lot of thrift stores now days. And the page protectors at most office supply by the case. If you have lots and lots of patterns, make a 2" binder for just home decor, accessories, then clothing either by type (dress patterns, pants/shorts patterns, etc.) Or whatever way makes it easy for you to find in a jiffy. Books, Keep your absolute fav's and collectables, and donate the rest to your local library. You can always go borrow them back that way when you think you need to find something in them.

Trish said...

I am really enjoying keeping up with your blog as I did this about a year ago. For patterns I got a few boxes (similar to photo boxes) that was nice floral prints at one of the hobby stores. It is roughly 10" wide by 15" long and 6" high. My patterns fit great in it actually standing on their side. I file them with tabs by type such as tops, pants/shorts, skirts, dresses, robes/PJ's, coats/jackets/capes, home décor. I store this on a closet shelf. I have a basket with patterns in my sewing room on top of a stacking drawer unit in a corner. I file these the same way with tabs such as quilts, totes, table toppers, craft patterns, clothes. This holds patterns that I am interested in doing before others. If I use a pattern a lot and make changes or notes I will put all of this with the pattern in a manila envelope and paste the picture of the pattern or a copy of it to the outside of the envelope. You can also donate anything you don't keep to a local quilt guild. I do like the comment from Rhonda on donating books to the library where you can always go back and borrow them.

Charlotte M. said...

I moved across country 5 years ago. At that time, I got rid of many of my books that I no longer used. My quilting style had changed and I had no interest in the books that no longer fit the style. I now have 3 wooden crates of quilting books, on their sides like a shelf. One of them is quilting novels by Jennifer Chiviarini. It seemed to fit the theme. My patterns are all in a large binder in page protectors. I have purged them also. I am at a "if I don't use it, I won't keep it" phase in my life. I think with as many patterns as you have, some kind of boxes would be best.

Linda Garcia said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only person who has more than 1 copy of the same book! LOL!

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My things are just everywhere!

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