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Friday, May 27, 2022

Craft Room Overhaul (the REVEAL)

And just like that...the Craft Room Overhaul is over(ish)!

Two months ago, my dear friend Kim Lapacek and I were on a FB messenger call. I was complaining that I had lost all of my sewing joy. That between life mess and sewing room mess, I was ready to toss everything! Kim walked me back from that edge and was like, "Why don't we clean our sewing rooms together?" 



We set up weeks together and planned on blogging each week. SHE WAS SO BRILLIANT! I fell short on the blogging as that was another joy that has been slipping through my fingers. But eight weeks later, I am here blogging and asking that question that I could not wait to ask...

Are you READY to see the Big Reveal? 

It feels like I have been sorting and resorting for a year! Maybe two! There is still so much to do but I can feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This is not a quick tidy but an actual down in the weeds look at what goes on in between those before and after photos!

Over the course of these weeks, have donated 12 bags and three BIG boxes of sewing and quilting items. I have tossed about 8 that were mostly scraps that were BEYOND tiny (what was I thinking) and patterns that I had printed up that were from 2013. If I have not made them by now, it is not happening! 


Learning to let go of what *might* be is the biggest lesson. I was lucky to have Kim right there with me when I would get completely stuck on a knit scrap of Ooga Booga. If you remember this fabric, you can understand why it would have any effect on my life. Kim and I both had those special fabrics, patterns, or even other items needing support of another voice giving kind words to help decide that fate of what was being held. 


With ALL of that being said, let's get to it!


Here it is! And no, none of the images have been altered in any way.  The time and energy that I would spend doing that is going somewhere else. So yes, they are a little crooked, a little dark , and I could not give a toss! My space is 100000000000% better than it ever has been. It is not a drain on my brain any longer.


This is the view from where I sit. I added some mini quilts that I have made or had been made for me above the opening. In this house no one ever makes comments about the way things look in this space but everyone has taken the time to let me know that they each really like this addition!

Since Covid started, I have shared this room with the in- house teenager.  His stuff takes up the ENTIRE corner (off to the right) with the exception of the walls. The walls are where all of my treasures live. Notes, art, cards, and other stuff that makes me happy. The one thing in that space that is his, is the painting over the poppies. I painted that one and he loves it. 

This shelf has threads, sewing needle storage (green bin), Alison Glass, Denyse Schmidt scraps, Aome of my WIP's (really UFO's), my beloved Jennifer Pagnielli, and a back up machine that doesn't currently work properly.

Opposite are these shelves. All of the white shelves are Billy from Ikea. If you go to Ikea, be sure to check out the AS-IS section for really amazing deals. Most of my patterns are on top. there are a few Vogue patterns that would not fit into these containers so they are in a drawer. My Denyse Schmidt yardage lives here. Some of the wrapped fabrics, Joel Dewberry, scrap bins, and most importantly, Leon the gnome! The 4 bins we .50 at a thrift shop and hold printed out patterns and some magazines that have patterns I want to use.

This is directly behind the machine and is where a design wall will go. We need to rent or find someone with a truck to bring home the foam board from the home improvement store. It didn't happen but that is why the (ish) in the beginning. There are a few things that do still need to be addressed. 

The quilt I LOVE!!!!! It was a Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt Blocks sew along. It is 100% upcycled fabrics and I also added a challenge by using the patterns in the book as a inspiration. There a a few blocks in this quilt I want to make into full patterns! It was quilted by my friend Bonnie Hunter 💖 if you have not met Bonnie and don't know about her quilting retreat center hop over to Quiltville!!!!!

The dresser was $22 from the Goodwill. It stores all of my upcycled fabrics, some paperwork, and the Vogue patterns that are massive!

In place of my two Ethan Allen pieces, I found these two Ikea desks at the ReStore for $40 total. I butted them up and zip tied the center legs together for stability.  I have tons of space for my machine, cutting mat, and can move my machine to the far right of the table for quilting!

Another great thrift find that I painted years ago. It holds all of my shipping and office supplies in the drawers, Heather Ross, neutrals, Batiks, a stack of unfinished quilts, my G-ma's hat box conatining the quilt blocks and vintage fabrics from the three spinster sisters, and leather and bag making stuff.

Opposite, is the final Billy shelf with more scraps, my books. This is it for my books and I will go through these again in six months to see if I can donate more. Also on this shelf is my Amy Butler, al of my embroidery supplies, my bins with sewing notions, a basket of glues, more thread, more scraps, and vintage fabric scraps.

Under my desk is a wire basket (I like wire baskets a TON) that hold all of my rulers. I keep finding more!

Here is a video on the space!




@go_go_kim ARE YOU READY!?!?!? The BIG REVEAL during the greyest May ever is happening right now! Thank you @kimlapacek5 I could not have done this without you❤️ ##sewingforyoupage #sewing #sewingtiktok #sewingroommakeover #sewingroom #sew #sewistsoftiktok #fabric ♬ original sound - gogokim


Thank you for all of your support during these past couple of months! The cheering and messages sent were priceless to me and I appreciate you!!!!!!!


If you want to see more of what Kim and I  are up to, you can follow us on:

Go-Go Kim: InstagramFacebookTik Tok

PersimonDreams: InstagramFacebookTik Tok



PersimonDreams said...

It looks AMAZING!!! I am so so so proud of you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks so good Kim! I am inspired to maybe take a baby step or two!

KeyQuilter said...

Awesome job! My favorite is that white piece of furniture that I believe you said you'd painted? LOVE that! I'm proud to have gotten my bits-n-pieces at least sorted where I know what's there. Now to GET TO SEWING is my target!

Charlotte M. said...

Beautiful job Kim. I am so impressed. I have to start thinking like that about patterns I have had forever and haven't made. You're right, it's not gonna happen. Let them go! I am inspired!

Susan P said...

Did you actually add this room on to your home, or is it a room you repurposed for your sewing room?

What a great room to create!

Vesteros said...

Great job! To say I'm impressed is to say nothing. I used to do the way easier stuff when I was a student. Sometimes I was making crafts instead of doing my homework. However, I've never regretted about this hobby.

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Thomas Shelby said...

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Angel17 said...

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