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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

KICK OFF and the Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks, Block 01!

Who's as excited as I am to get started in the 100 day adventure that Kim Lapacek and I are challenging each other to complete?  I think Kim might be 😂 We are both very competitive people in our own way and it makes challenges more fun!

If you have not gotten your Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks Book you can find it in Gotham Quilts' online shop! They have SUPER FAST shipping and are incredibly nice people! With your purchase, a tree will be planted at no extra charge! That is super cool! The blocks are easy to make so if you have to wait a few days, it won't take you long to catch up!

I have made more than one of these quilts but have only finished one! 

I made 2 sets at the same time, one was upcycled garments that was quilted by the AMAZING Bonnie Hunter at the Quiltville Inn! If you have not been to Quiltville Inn, it is a MUST DO, MUST SEE, MUST BE! Bonnie and her husband, Captain Fantastic, have created the most beautiful retreat in the calmest place ever!

For those blocks I also did some fancy schmancy flat lays that took a shit ton of time and made my kids irritated because I would scavenge their rooms for stuff while they were in school. They were right, I was wrong, so I won't be doing that again! Plus you have to put it all away and who has time for that? 

Here are a couple of blocks from the blocks I made in 2016.

The upcycled set, I challenged myself to make the block more difficult with making blocks within blocks or different techniques. It was interesting to see how to make it the same, only different. there was some SERIOUSLY tiny piecing, and I LOVED IT!

The other set was following the rules and adding fussy cuts wherever possible!

So here we are, DAY ONE of the NEW quilt and the goal here is to basically grab and go! Yes! I will be adding fussy cuts because that is who I am, but I am NOT going to be as fussy with the fabrics. This is new for me, this is where I get paralyzed. Fabric choices is my kryptonite and I need to just get over that and MAKE! 

So here is my BLOCK 01! It is sweet, simple, and I ADORE IT! 




To play along with Kim and me, just grab the book, grab some fabric, and post your photos on Instagram and tag Kim and me to see all of your beauties!!!!!!  Let's have some FUN!!!!

Kim Niedzwiecki:

Kim Lapacek

Follow the hashtag -> #KimSquaredCreative



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