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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My love of Swedish...

Okay, maybe not Swedish fish but I do like those too :o)

Swedish pattern paper is what I am talking about. It looks like this (or at least mine did) when it came in the mail. I only needed to use it once and I was hooked to it's amazing quality.  

It is easy to handle and you can iron it with no worries. I never iron with my left hand but Adam is not big enough to take pictures yet.

Nice and ironed out and ready to use

I am starting my Jennifer Paganelli Jamie dress and am going to use this paper so I can remake the dress without fear of the pattern pieces tearing or getting to wrinkled too use.

I cut out a piece of the tracing paper a bit bigger than the pattern but not larger than the pattern and tape it down making sure not to cover the pattern lines.

Trace over the pattern lines and copy all the useful information on the pattern. For me that would not include the pattern size.

Detach the tracing paper and cut out the pattern.
 ( I clearly forgot to take the tracing paper off first in this pic*blush*) 

I have used many other papers for tracing and this is what it can look like after many uses.


And traditional tracing paper is not much better!

I know that it takes a little longer but the results are really good. I can store and reuse my pattern as much as I like with no worries of it being ruined.

Now on to making this dress!!!!!

Kim :o)


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow, I never heard of this tracing paper sounds like it is almost like a lightweight fabric, since you can iron it?

Go-Go Kim said...

That is exactly what it is like Sara. It is so nice to work with!

amylouwhosews said...

what a great idea!!! Esp. for those multiple sized patterns when you have multiple sized girls you want to make matching dresses for.

And by the way - your blog rocks. Awesome shots and great narrative. Why did you wait so long!?!?! xo

Jeff said...

I enjoy your blog too and I have no intention of sewing anything.. I do like this swedish tracing paper though. It may prove useful in my artwork and trasition to 'the dark side'

Go-Go Kim said...

You guys are making me *blush* Thanks so much! It helps keep my life a wee bit less chaotic which is a really good thing!

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