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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where are the serger threading Gods when you need them?

 When we moved here almost two years ago ( that went by fast), we had movers pack everything in CA to bring here to VA.  There were at least ten of them and only one of me and so I could not keep up with them all, except for the guy that kept laughing at all my fabric boxes. Seriously, he laughed at them and the same thing happened when the guys unloaded the truck too. Silly men!  I can guarantee that NONE of my Heather Ross was lost in the move!  Other things were lost or packed in strange places. One shoe was packed in garage stuff as were some frilly things ( how did those get in there). Very odd stuff was in the kitchen pack up too!

The part of the story that matters here is that my directions to my serger are GONE! They are nowhere to be found and the serger tweezers are gone too. If you have a serger you know how important both of these things are. If you love your serger but do not use it often it is even more critical to have the manual on hand at all times.

I usually do not have a problem with this but today I want my serger to help make the Jamie dress. I have all the pieces cut and was ready to start then I remembered I needed to change the serger thread.

I am lucky that my serger does come with a sort of threading diagram in the front. Clear as mud,right? I swear this is the kind of thing that makes one need some wine or a beer at the very least!

I opened it up at went for it! I was feeling like McDreamy going into brain surgery... really I did! It took a few tries and a few words I had to say quietly so Adam did not yell them out at Katy's school pick up later today but...

I DID IT!!!!!!

A thing of beauty. At least to me :o)

And for those interested, Sara ;o), I finally chose a fabric for the dress.

Isn't it lovely?

Kim :o)


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

YEAH!!!! There it is! I was wondering when I'd see it! It's beautiful...I love those connected circles, really really nice! At first I thought you were winking at me because I needed to figure out how to use my serger and actually use it, haha! I'm glad you got it together to use it!

Go-Go Kim said...

You are too cute Sara! I was going to try to keep the fabric a secret but it is impossible to show and tell without showing :o) I know it is my usual black but it has some "flair" I think :o)

Sonja♥ said...

Oh la laaaa...
I can imagine your distress!!!
I bought a serger 2 weeks ago and I cannot imagine to lose the instructions:-O
Neither I want to imagine the moment I will have to replace the 4 spools and thread them...
Oh la laaaaa...
But congrats, you made it:))))

VickiT said...

Sergers can be so frustrating at times. You did a great job. I have a Viking 936 myself and it's not the most user friendly either. I really love the handy box on the front of your serger for the cuttings to drop into. That's a great feature.

If you haven't checked yet, you can download the user manual from the Janome website for your serger. Click this and on the 'specifications' tab you will see in the upper right corner on that screen the download for the manual. http://content.janome.com/index.cfm/Machines/Retired/MyLock_644D

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