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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My slowed summer pace :o)

The chair project has been taking longer than I thought. There are a million little tiny staples ( I am saying that in a Rosanne Rosannadanna voice in my head) and since I need the fabric pieces for a template I have to remove them all. Adam has been a great help in this area and I could not be more thankful that he is finding it fun.

There are other things that have helped slow my progress, like yardwork! After being gone for three weekends the grass was taking over so I had to mow it since it was almost taller than Adam ( maybe not that horrible but close). While mowing I found some really beautiful mushrooms. I had to take a mow break and take photos before mowing them down!!!!

Then the relatives came!! I love my sister 's family! We only had them for one night before they were on their way again to Maine but any time spent with them is precious :o) 

The cousins!!!!!!

This is the progress on the chair...

I chose a new fabric. DARN YOU IKEA!!!!!! I went to look at some things and they have a new fabric! It is linen and comes in five, taupe and gray were the ones available at my Ikea. You can look online here. At $5.99 a yd you cannot go wrong no matter which one you choose!!!!!!

Looks very sad indeed :o( I will be replacing batting today/tomorrow after Katy gets her braces since I am sure she will not want to be out and about!

So, I am going to keep with my slow summer pace and enjoy this time since I know that once school starts again we will all be swamped!

Hope you are enjoying the slower (ha ha ha) pace of summer in your house too :o)



Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Poor Katy. :-( I remember having braces, I hope they are kinder the mouth these days. I love seeing your progress pictures on the chair...I have yet to look at the fabric in Ikea, is it very amazing? I saw a couple of prints people used that looked really really cool. Wow, I've never seen mushrooms like that before, so colorful!

Go-Go Kim said...

Sara, thank you. i know they will hurt some but she is ready for them and has been asking for them. The Ikea fabric is AMAZINGa and a very good deal. they even have some for $2.99 a yard !!!! I had to refrain from buying more than I needed, it was really hard ;o) You must go if there is one near, you will be hooked!

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