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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Instant gratification with cording

There are few things in sewing that give you instant gratification. There are even fewer that are easier and give you a more finished professional look than cording or piping. I decided to give it a whirl with the slipcover project and it is so much easy fun I had to share!

Measure out (for my project) 2 inches of fabric. I mostly used along the selvage  since it will be hidden and then there is no waste of fabric!

Use your zipper foot to get right up close and personal with the cording. This is one time that invading a space is a good thing.

Remember to set your needle to the right or in my case the left side so that you do not end up with broken needles. It took me FOUR needles to remember  *eyeroll*

This is what your zipper foot looks like in case you have never used one.

Take your cut fabric and place the cording in the center and pinch it shut.

Shot from the side. I personally need lots of visual help when sewing ;o)

Get the foot as nice and cozy up next to the cording. No pins needed!!!!!!

When you are sewing make sure the edges of the fabric stay lined up along the way.

That is it! It is very easy and looks so good when you are done.

Some updated photos of the chair slipcover

This back section is an "I meant to do that" sewing moment. I had cut the back too small but with an extra strip of fabric and some of my handy dandy cording I like that it looks planned. 

Kim :o)


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Oh my gosh it looks perfect! Who said you can't write some good instructions! :-) I love how your chair is looking!

Dolores said...

The chair is coming on nicely! Thanks for that tutorial, I have been wondering about how to do that. Do you have to use a special type of cord for that?


Go-Go Kim said...

Sara, thank you :o) It is slow but only b/c I have so many other things going on AND both the kids at home,LOL!

Dolores, thanks!!!!! It is just the cording from Joann's upholstery section that is about .59 a yard. I hope you are able to make some soon...pillows look awesome with cording too *giggle*! I love the ease of it!!!! You will want to do it for ALL your projects!!!!!

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