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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Attention to detail {a review and a giveaway}

If you have ever been in the military, been married to someone in the military, or just known someone in the military you have probably heard how important  "attention to detail" is to everything. There is a thread company that also has high standards for it's product line.  The company is Aurifil  and I have been lucky enough to have been able to use this fabulous thread for the past couple of weeks to see if it really is wonderful and I am happy to report that it is all that and a bag of chips!

Here are the projects so far...

Today I am finishing up these stockings for the kids

The table runner I made last week, even through burlap and batting no issues!!!!! And no I STILL do not have ornaments on my tree :o)

I used it on my Bernina 440 to play a bit. My Bernina has hiccups with some threads when I do free motion quilting but...

BEAUTIFUL and no worries about skipped stitches!

I tried this thread on my sweetie pie old Singer 301...

and she LOVED it!!!!!

and this is the thread I used on this cathedral window pin cushion

Look at those beautiful stitches!!!!

I also am using it for the fishy friends quilt but I have to make time for that after Christmas.

The nice people at Aurifil sent along this set of thread so that you can try it too! And did I mention this thread is sexy? It is from Italy and I am also convinced that EVERYTHING from Italy is sexy,LOL!

and since it is hard to try new thread without having some new fabric I am also including this charm pack from Moda!



Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow those stockings are rockin'! Sort of wish we had a fireplace to hang stockings over ;-) You have been busy!! OH! And love the FMQ!

Quiltstory said...

Love those stockings, so darling. And your house is beaUtiful!! That pincushion put too much prettiness in one post! :) PS Your image isn't showing up in our linky party :( I tried to edit it myself and there was no change. I still have your link there, but if you want to try a whole new one and see if the image works then?

momhooten said...

Would love to win fabric and thread to start off a new year.

@pril said...

I love your pincushion, very nice.


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