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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A happy little Christmas Eve bundle

I was very happy and surprised when this made it to my house this afternoon! It is the giveaway I won from Heather at Olive and Ollie. Man, that was FAST!!!! Thank you so much Heather!!!! Katy is already claiming some of the fabric as hers :o)

I do not have any of these fabrics which makes it super fun!!!!

And I took a break from ironing my son's shirt to flip through the book and I can see some projects I really want to try. Hopefully Santa will bring me an abundance of time or at least some more coffee ( cream and sugar please)!!!!

Thank you so much Heather for a great giveaway and for taking the time to send it so quickly during the busiest time of the year!

Kim :o)


Katy Cameron said...

Oh I love that book, so much inspiration, enjoy!

Merry Christmas to you all :o)

Lindsay Conner said...

Lucky girl! You will love that book. :) Merry Christmas!!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Congratulations Kim, you were lucky! I was hoping to win those, but I'm really happy for you! I hope you lots of time during these days to enjoy your present! x Teje

thehummingcat said...

Well done, what a lovely giveaway.

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