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Monday, June 18, 2012

I love productive weekends!!!!

My weekends are normally very unproductive, sad to say but it is true, I do not normally get things done with more people around...I TALK! But, for some reason, I was able to do both this weekend and I am very very pleased!!!!

I was able to get a ton of these babies cut out for my Hat Box blocks and realized a fun easy trick!!!!!

If you happen to have some of these charm packs hanging around...

The freezer paper triangles fit perfectly and you have one color square ( four triangles) and two print ( one for four triangles and on five inch square, they need to be the same print so you may need more than one pack) Anyway, I found that fun and useful since you can get A LOT more colors and prints without have to buy many different fabrics... I LOVE  Moda charm packs!

I was able to almost complete the first Soldier's Angels quilt top!!!!! I ran out of Kona so I will be off to Joann's today...

And who would not be EXCITED by THESE!!!!!!  They showed up at my door on Friday :o)  I am doing a Pellon project with Thomas Knauer fabrics!!!!!!  Thomas is amazing,funny,and creative and it really comes through in his wonderful use of colors and designs for these  Andover fabrics!!!!!

These are from the newest line Pear Tree

 The beautiful and calm Flock

And how cute and colorful...Savanna Bop

I cannot wait to get started!!!!!!



Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow you have been busy! Compared to my tally for this weekend, which is zero. :-) Wow, I can't believe you're almost done with the Soldier's Angels quilt! It looks great! And love seeing the fabric Thomas sent you!

Anonymous said...

OMG your Soldier's Angels quilt looks amazing. Keep up the good work.


Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, well done you for the multi-tasking!

Chris Dodsley @made by ChrissieD said...

The fabrics are fab. I popped over from Manic Monday Linky Party and now I can't wait to get started with them either and yet they're not my fabrics! :)

Deborah said...

Happy to see my star blocks arrived safely.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Kim. I'm totally drooling over your new fabric. Thank you for sharing. We are in Bozeman, MT now and I'm looking forward to visiting the quilt shop here next week. Yay! I haven't been sewing much since we've been on the road, and I definitely miss my Bernina. My little Trixie is doing the trick for now, and my husband is only a teensy bit exasperated when I say things like, "Hang on, Honey. I have to take a picture of the sewing machine in front of Devil's Tower." Ha ha!

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