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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wonky Shattered Window Cathedral Block {tutorial}

My week...my turn to share my fun block!!!!!

So happy to be here and many thanks and a shout out to Bree at My Crafty Crap,  my Magic in the Middle friends at Pellon, and the gang at Free Quilt Patterns for organizing this fantabulous sew along!!!! You are some kinda wonderful!!!!!

To download a pdf version of this pattern please visit Pellon Projects

Y'all are going to look at this tutroial and say "WAIT ONE COTTON PICKIN MINUTE", we've seen this before!"  I simply used the first part of my cathedral window pincushion to save me some time and photo shots :o)

I like to think of this block as a new modern twist on an old lovely favorite. This block is SO EASY  to do since it is the exact SAME as the traditional window it is just folded differently...you will see :o)

A new modern twist on a beautiful classic.

This is a super easy and fun wonky funky shattered glass window.  The block measures a 12.5in unfinished block. By using the traditional folding method that most of us are familiar with, it is an easy way to make a new favorite with very little extra effort. The lines are edgy and the colors bright to give the block a stained glass look. This block can be made without the border as a regular Cathedral window quilt and has a very different looking back compared to the traditional quilt. By using Pellon wonder under with craft fuse, it makes a great home dec project by giving the extra crispness to the fabric. Using Pellon wonder under and Legacy batting will give a softer finish for a quilt. Either way, it is a great project and I am very thrilled to be invited to play!

Fabric Requirements:
4 10.5in sq of background fabric
4  4.25in sq of inner window fabric ( I used Liberty of London Bloomsbury Gardens)
2   1.25inx9in strips of solid
2   1.5x 10.75strips of solid
Scrappy strips are 1.5 x of various lengths to sew and trim as final border 

Materials Needed:
4 4.25in sq Pellon Wonder Under
4 4.25in sq Pellon Craft Fuse or Pellon Legacy Batting
Thread (I use Aurifil 50wt)
Sewing machine
poster board or file folder for easy measurement
hand sewing needle

Cut the fabrics and interfacing to the sizes mentioned above


Cut your solid square 10.5 inches

Cut your template, I used a folder I found in the filing drawer, to 9 inches

Cathedral windows are mostly folding and ironing. Fold the corner over the edge of the template and iron into place. Then repeat on the other three sides.

Next fold the edges down and press. Repeat on the other three sides and you will have...

This!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Take the template out at this point

Fold your square in half and press

This is what it looks like if you fold one side back

Fold the opposite way and press again. When you open your square it will look like this

Time for more folding. Fold the outer corners in and press

It will look like this when all four have been pressed

Now do it all again. Fold each of the corners in and press

Done with the folding/ ironing part!!!! Make four more of these folded babies!

This is where the tutorial changes including the color

Line the edges up 

 Draw a line and sew over the line

Line up the other two (top and bottom) draw a line and sew

Hand stitch the the inner centers, just a couple of stitches will do!

 This is where the "Magic in the Middle" ( I giggle every time I say it)  comes in to play

Cut your pieces out  for each inner square and attach the wonder under to the back side of the fabric, peel the backing and then iron on to the craft fuse ( or batting and you need to use two pieces of Wonder Under when using batting since batting is not fuseable)

Place in the center and use you iron to fuse the wonder under to the center of the block

 Take your point
and fold it at an angle, it will be wonky, not perfect! go around the block folding your angles

 Sew the angles into place

 This is how the back looks...I rather think is is SUPER COOL!

Add your solid 1.25 in border, then play with your scrappy 1.5 in pieces then attach and your block is COMPLETED!!!!!

Hope you have as much fun creating this block as I did!!!! I

Make sure to share your windows in the flickr group!!!!!

p.s. just in case black is not something for you I did one white one little white window just so you could see...



Shelly said...

I'm sold. This is really cool. I've stayed away from cathedral windows and now I have to try. Thanks for the inspiration.

The Slow Quilter said...

This is a great tutorial, love this block, so many possibilities of fabric.

Wendy said...

Wow, this is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

It's fabulous, Kim. Such a great twist on a classic. Enjoy the final stages of packing today, and HAVE FUN this weekend!

Anonymous said...

It's fabulous, Kim. Such a great twist on a classic. Enjoy the final stages of packing today, and HAVE FUN this weekend!

Elsa said...

Great tutorial and love the fabrics!

Very Shannon said...

Ohhh...you know I love this one! Pinned :)

sukie said...

Love it woman!!! Have a blast at market

Judith said...

Great twist on the wonky catherdral tutorial. I am hooked. Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas

~Carla~ said...

Wow.. This is gorgeous! Not sure that I'm good enough yet but I'll add it to my Evernote for one day!!

Unknown said...

You make it look real easy. I'll let you know. My sewing is done in between nap times for my grand daughter, but still it is not like it was when I was a young mother.

Patrick Ayyagari said...

This is a great tutorial, love this block, so many possibilities of fabric.

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