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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good preparation for the snow and LOVING my Local Quilt Shop

I always seem to have food in my house ( if there is ever a TLC show for food hoarding...I am your girl), so I never really become panic stricken when I hear of "inclement weather".  I have decided inclement weather really just means that your children and husband will be home for many days in a row when you have actual sewing planned and postings to do and then you cannot because well, the husband and children are home...IN YOUR SPACES!

Anyway, I did notice that whenever the weather turns "inclement" I seem to be out of sewing items.  So, I decided to make my way to one of my two Local Quilt Shops, The Crazy Cousin and stock up on the real necessities!

I cannot wait to try the Supreme Slider and the Bohin pins ( LOVE their needles for hand binding) The fabrics somehow just JUMPED into my cart and are going in the baby quilt ( except for the purple)!!! I am SET!

Did you know that THIS Saturday January 25th is I LOVE my Local Quilt Shop day?  Go say howdy, pick up a few items and help support your local experts and your local economy!



margaret said...

some nice goodies you have there, lucky you, 2 quilt shops we have none nearby, might be just as well as I would never be out of them and always have an empty purse.

Gene Black said...

I live in one of those places with no local quilt shop also. Fortunately, I love internet shopping.

Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, interesting excuse for shopping, blaming the weather ;o)

Unknown said...

Lol, the weather forecast made me run to the LQS as well!!

Kathy said...

LOL I never get anything done when it snows....I just want to go outside and play in it!

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