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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little bits of this and that for a baby boy quilt!

I have been fortunate enough to have made some connections to people in my life that have lasted for over thirty years.  There is one particular group of friends that I met when I was in high school ( when I bothered to show up) that I have reconnected with over the past few years. A small group of misfit/ brianiac guys and a few girls ( I was one of the girls and fit in more with the misfit category)  who would go to IHoP to drink from the never ending coffee pot ( seriously don't say in unless you mean it), smoke djarms and Dunhill cigarettes, and listen to bands at cool clubs in Atlanta that are now nonexistent.  Now I sit at a sewing machine, drink green smoothies and coffee, and stalk blogs, LOL!

One of these amazing people was very clever boy in persuading most stunning girl to marry him and they had a beautiful girl a few years ago. I made some bibs from my Best Bib on the Block tutorial for this princess and am happy to say they are still being used!  Right before Christmas I heard the wonderful news that they had added to their family with a baby boy.  I cannot imagine having a baby at the age I am now ( nearing 50) and so I applaud their bravery.  I would be falling on my face tired!

I had to make something for this new little guy so I asked for color suggestions from the new mother and I think we decided upon yellow and gray. I say I *think* because she shared the birth announcement with me and I LOVED the combination and kinda may have decided that was IT!  I started off with three or four fabrics and then went happy rogue scrappy! By the time it is finished I have no idea how many fabrics there will be but I do know I have quite the mess to tidy up!

Do you think he will LOVE it?

Accuquilt  sent some new dies in November for me to play with and I really wanted to try a snowball quilt.  I have never made one and I am ALWAYS up for trying something new!  I will be writing more about the dies in my finish post...they are so very FABULOUS!

I did have so much fun going through the scrap bins and revisiting fabrics I have not seen in what feels like FOREVER!

Only a few more rows to complete and then I will be doing a simple quilting with either yellow or gray.  I need to get that Aurifil color card out and see what the best choice will be for this sweet quilt.  Yellow and gray may be the color scheme of the year, even my coffee mug matches,LOL



jednoiglec said...

I was never a fan of snowball pattern, but your quilt top makes me think that I should reconsider my likes:) I love it! So interesting, so perfect for a baby!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Great colours and prints! I love the snowballs and think yellow quilting would be fun!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Perfect boy colours.
Oh go on; pop another one out before 50 ;) xxx

Katy Cameron said...

Love this, so fun!

suemac said...

Love the colors.

margaret said...

how lovely to have a quilt as a baby, grey is getting very popular which is good as I need to add some to my stash of fabrics! It works very well with the yellow, What a naughty girl you were in your youth!!Thanks for sharing those times with us

Jo @ life in lists said...

Love the colours! Nice to see a boy quilt in something other than blue/green as well :)

Am L said...

I'm guessing REM was one of those bands? I seem to recall that they are from Georgia. The quilt is gorgeous, and I am sure they will love it. Yellow and gray are definitely a favorite combo for me. Our son likes the golden yellows, so I have a stack of gold and gray fabrics to turn into a quilt for him. : )

Kathy said...

I love the colors in your snowball!

jeifner said...

I think it's a wonderful quilt. Love that is has so many brights and values for a baby.

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