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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sew My Stash Challenge

Heather Valentine from The Sewing Loft asked me if I would be interested in a fun little challenge with a kit she was putting together.  I am always up for a challenge and said yes immediately!

She sent me the kit and asked for two of the items in the kit be included in the final project.  It is very easy to come up with a MILLION things to do with Anna Maria Horner fabric, so that one was EASY PEASY!  I look through and pondered what could be done and really the possibilities were endless.

Since I have had kids under my feet and in my hair since early December ( the snow situation has gotten way out of hand, this is the side entry to my house!)

I am behind on everything so I put this project off until the last minute ( please do not judge) but I had an AHA! moment and realized that I have the perfect project right here on my blog!  BABY BIBS!

My good friend Erin from Pellon had a sweet baby last October and I have been meaning to outfit her sweet Miss Bean in stylish Best Bib on the Block  ( FREE bib tutorial) bibs and this was the little nudge I needed to have these made before the baby starts college!

I used the fabric and the sweet ribbon for the bib.  I cannot remember ever using ribbon before but am loving the look so much, I may have a new addiction ( the in house engineer will be thrilled).  I also went through my stash of Aurifil thread and found my trusty 50wt and a gorgeous 40wt for topstitching.

To add the ribbon is SUPER easy! In the instruction right after you sew the two pieces of bib front fabric together just take your piece of ribbon, center it, pin it in place (I need to pin) and topstitch about 1/8 in from either edge.  Then just sew the rest of the bib as shown in the tutorial :o)

I will be making more bibs for Miss Bean and I found I can make two with these two fat quarters and have scraps left over for my scrap bins...LOVE!



Katy Cameron said...

Such a cute project!

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

This is cute! Too bad I don't need to make any bibs. And you will love adding ribbon to your projects. I just wish it didn't add so much to the cost.

Ella said...

Super cute! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I'm always looking for shower gift ideas!

Jackie said...

Lucky Baby, thanks so much for sharing, I'm off to make one.

Livihus said...

A little "hello" from the middle of Norway! I have admired your products for a long time,and now I have finally made my own blog, and therefore I am able to write some comments:)I am planning to make one of your cathedral window pincushions in the nearest future, but these days I am busy making table runners. Thank you for all the tutorials you are sharing - it gives me a lot of inspiration!
Liv Iren

Julie said...

Cute bib - I almost cried when I saw that it was AMH fabric though. LOL.

liz said...

This bib is gorgeous!! Did you use terrycloth for the backing instead of batting and cotton backing as in your tutuorial?

Unknown said...

What a very nice project! The bib really looks gorgeous. Everything seems so perfect here. I love this so much!

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