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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My WIP on Thurs because Wednesday passed me by without a glance!

I had intended to be part of WIP Wednesday, did it happen...NOPE!  I am still working on projects I can't share ( yet) so I needed to find something I could share and also filled the category of  I need this crossed off my to do list.  I am starting to believe that list is really not something that I will ever get to the end.  I am not complaining since every stitch I take...I learn something new...every seam I rip...I know not to do that again...EVER! The second part does not always take but I still keep on sewing and loving every minute. 

This Wednesday was really cool since Amy and Becky came over to sew with me.  It has been a long while since we have gotten together for a sewing playdate.  The house was a mess but there is always room at the table for sewing machines :o) 

I decided to work on the pillows my daughter in law had asked for last Christmas ( yes, I am really that behind).  It is the one in the right hand of the screen.  All Amy Butler...all gorgeous!  I hope she will love them as much as I do.

And Becky brought these adorable bins to share.  I cannot say what they are for but can say they were not all for me :o(

I am saving the final photos of the pillows for Sewjo Saturday!

Do you have sewing playdates with friends?


GO STARS! said...

Once a month on a Monday one sister and I get together to see. This Monday we joined my mom. And once a month on a Saturday my other 3 sister and 2 sisters-in-law and my Mom get together. It's a fun and productive time.

margaret said...

how good to get together with friends for a day of sewing. I think a friend is coming to me next wednesday for a sewing session, she wants to learn how to do hardanger so I must get my act together and get everything together that I will need, fingers crossed all goes well

Katy Cameron said...

Alas no, no sew dates here, but looks like you had a great time :o)

TammyLB said...

I sadly have had no sewing playdates, at least not yet! It sounds like such a fun time! I love Becky's small bins she made- I've done one (so far) for my Clover clips to keep by my sewing machine.

Am L said...

Fun, a sewing play date! Until I started getting to know my local quilting community, and joined my MQG, I never had sewing playdates, but now I do occasionally. None of my friends sew, aside from my new quilty friends. : )

Love the pillow! I agree about never getting to the end of my sewing to do list. I find that a couple of projects tend to stay on the list, because other more time-sensitive projects come along and push the less urgent projects aside. I'm sure that happens to us all!

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