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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday #tbt Quilt

Throwback Thursday #tbt is really a fun way to see people's photos from many years ago when they had BIG hair or braces, those shoulders and sweet baby faces.  If you are on Instagram or twitter use#tbt and be prepared for fun photos!  I like looking back through all the old photos, since 99% of mine are from the olden days of film cameras. 

I thought it might be fun to share some of the old projects.  This quilt was for my grandson in 2011.  It was my first time making wonky stars.  I used the tutorial from The Silly BoDilly and the fun Funky Monkey fabrics from Erin Michaels for Moda fabrics.

Adam was a good helper for the action shots!

This was also my first time trying free motion quilting.

I really fell in love with the pieced back on this quilt.

I love seeing the old projects and what I have learned over the years.  Best of all, knowing that this is out there being loved!



Anonymous said...

So time flies, hmmm?

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, so cute! Alas, most photos that exist of me are several hundred miles away (and I intend to keep it that way ;o) )

suemac said...

I have used that same tut. It really helped.

margaret said...

very nice, also like the spotty fabric as well as the others. How good are digital cameras for recording our stitching

legato1958 said...

I love the quilt you made for Adam! And, the back side is truly sweet with the piecing! I will look up this tutorial for the wonky stars.
By the way, you are such a young (and pretty!) grandmother!


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