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Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Motivation {Free Women's Patterns}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation!  Last week snow and this week temperatures in the 70's means that summer is surely soon to follow! My son calls this Spring Transitional weather meaning, don't put the sweaters in storage yet but it is time to break out some summer clothing too.  Earlier this year I decided to brush up even more on my garment making skills.  I came to the decision that to make a challenge to myself to make a summer wardrobe.  I am on a sewing budget this year so, I need to try to use what is already in my stash and find either low cost or free patterns.

To get the ball rolling for me to get motivated to create my new stylish wardrobe, I found some fabulous and free summer garment patterns and tutorials that I KNOW I would wear during the dog days of summer ( and one lovely dress for nights out).

The Littlest Studio

Sew Different

Peppermint Mag

The Stitching Scientist

{this one has many nice variations}
The Sew Weekly

{upcycle project may be more for Katy}
Cotton + Curls

Fine Motor Skills 

{ I have made these and this a fab pattern}
Purl Soho

{This one looks super easy}
Dandelion Drift

One Avian Daemon

Will you be sewing any garments for summer? 

For more inspiration, fun, and links to free patterns you can find me hanging out on:




Karie said...

I think it is safe to assume I will be making schoolhouse tunics since I have 7 more already cut out and fabric coming for 5 more already in the mail

Bev @ kwiltpharm said...

Love the blog, but can't get the links to work! That little black dress is adorable and love the Pariseene.

Go-Go Kim said...

Hi Bev, THANK YOU so much for letting me know! They are fixed now :o)

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