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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Splendid Sampler Block 7

The Splendid Sampler Block 7 is called Snug As a Bug by the very talented Amy Sinibaldi from Nana Company.   I am not much of an embroidery person but I really had a wonderful time making this block.

The blocks in The Splendid Sampler have all been really very special.  Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson have done an brilliant job organizing this event! The enjoyment factor in this sew along has been off the charts!

I changed my original fabrics for the block this week.  The little person in the block is my youngest. He is my little fair haired one that loves the quilts I make for him.  He grows so attached to them that when he outgrows them, he talks about saving them for his children because they are so special.

Last summer my not so little boy started to grow again and since he is turning nine this year, I thought it was time to make him a bigger quilt.  I made a beautiful log cabin quilt using men's shirts I bought from the thrift shop or others that had just outlived their usefulness for work.

Adam loves his quilts :o)

I had leftovers from this quilt and have been trying to find creative ways to sew from my stash so I also made a stuffed turtle to match his quilt. We still have no name for the turtle ( poor thing).

The quilt covering the fair haired sweet blue eyed boy is part of what is left from the log cabin quilt.  It seems to be the right thing to do for this block and the not so little boy agreed :o)



Angie said...

Beautiful quilt with a beautiful story 😊

Teri said...

I am not doing this quilt a long, but love all the stories behind the blocks.

margaret said...

liking your latest spendid sampler block mine will be embroidered and think will do block 4 as embroidery too. Quilt looks splendid too maybe the turtle could be called strippy

Barb Neiwert said...

How special to have your son enjoy his quilts that much! He'll love this one, and the turtle friend, too. I do like the sampler block you've come up with. Fun, fun!

Sew Filomena said...

Not a big fan of embroidery either. I'm going to replace this block with a 9 patch instead, just to represent the blanket. I've noticed a few embroidery ones now, so instead of just ot doing those I am going to replace them with another similar block.
They do look cute but it's just not me.

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