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Monday, June 6, 2016

Maggie's First Dance with Jacquelynne Steves

Welcome Back to Monday Motivation!  Always good to have you here!  This week I have the pleasure to share something fun and beautiful with you complete with an Aurifil Giveaway!

This week is the the first brand new Block of the Month hosted by the very lovely Jacquelynne Steves called Maggie's First Dance. You can find Block One by here. The blocks will be issued once a month and will contain a variety of techniques for you to create your block.  This BOM is for just six months so it will be fast!  You can have a new quilt ready for the holiday season!

For the first block, I tried something way out of my comfort zone. Free motion embroidery! 

The block is perfect! I wanted to try something new for center block.  The free motion embroidery was interesting way to create the center block using many colors of Aurifil thread in both 40 and 50wt. 

To make this easy center block,  I printed the embroidery portion of the pattern.  I cut a square of fabric about the same size as the page it was printed on 8.5x11in.  I used Pellon sf101 fusible interfacing and ironed on according to the manufacturer's instructions.  When the fabric cooled, I used painters tape ( or you can use wash tape) to place on a window or if you have a light box that would be great too! 

Frixion pens are wonderful for embroidery pattern tracing.  They have a thin tip and iron away if you make a mistake or when you are finished and do not want lines to show.  

After the pattern has been traced, it is time for fun!  I have a Bernina 440qe.  I am using the help of  my BSR to make the free motion embroidery process easier.  

Get your machine set for free motion quilting and start by following the lines in each section.  I started with the stems, since they are straighter  and easier to fill.  I used two colors to give some depth. 

Then I started on the petals of each flower.  I started slow by outlining each petal and center then starting filling in.  

Then fill in the centers with a different color.

The only downside is that I have some puckering around the petals of the flowers.  I may need a hoop for making the fabric more taut in the future or maybe try a thicker stabilizer.  I may try both and let you know how it goes!

Here is a photo of the full quilt we will be making together!  Isn't it lovely!  

I am honored to be one of the bloggers that will be participating in making the monthly blocks with you, sharing my color choices, and maybe give some tips to help make the blocks presented.  This is the perfect way to play without the time commitment of a full year! 

The list of bloggers is so cool, be sure to visit them, say hello and see how they are creating their blocks!  Variety is the spice of life :o)  ( it is me...YAY!)

Now for the fabulous giveaway sponsored by Aurifil Thread

To get this party started, Jacquelynne will be giving away a small spool Aurifil collection! 

This giveaway will close June 12 and a random winner will be chosen and announced by June 14, 2016.
This wonderful giveaway is open to all of our international friends.  If you are a no reply blogger, please leave your contact information in your comment.  

You have a chance of winning by just leaving a comment on my blog! 

I would love to know...
Have you started making your holiday projects?  If so, how many have you completed? 

How is that for Motivation!?! 

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CyndyK said...

Well, right after Christmas I pieced a Christmas quilt top. Thanks for the reminder....I need to quilt it! cknapp3626(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

gab said...

Haven't started thinking about the holiday projects yet. I have a few projects I want to finish before I even begin new ones.

Unknown said...

Completed? Um... no but technically I have started. Have gotten quite a few rows done on a shawl for my grandmother in law. Actually today I finished buying all the fabric for quillows I'm making for all the kids in the family. I'm still picking and choosing things but actual work will start soon... I hope lol.

Unknown said...

Completed? Um... no but technically I have started. Have gotten quite a few rows done on a shawl for my grandmother in law. Actually today I finished buying all the fabric for quillows I'm making for all the kids in the family. I'm still picking and choosing things but actual work will start soon... I hope lol.

Unknown said...

Have a few on the go, but I dont think I'll do a holiday project this year, I'll just try and finish the UFOs I currently have and start a few more!!

Trudy said...

Love the way you did your block, and how you made it.. I am getting to work on my present quilt for a Christmas prodject for my quilt quild challenge.

Limbania said...

Holiday what?!?!?! Oh my (blushing here), not even close. I'm the kind that works best really close to deadlines so, I probably won't get started until after thanksgiving (;

Deb said...

No......but I have a UFO from last year so if you count that".......!

Unknown said...

I haven't started yet! I need to get busy. I plan to make an Ohio State University-themed throw for my hubby.

Unknown said...

I haven't started yet (except to buy fabric). I plan to make an Ohio State University themed throw for my hubby.

Cat Herder said...

Holiday projects?! I don't think I finished all of mine from last year! :D I wish I was that organized. Your block is so pretty!
Vickie Young

Dawn F said...

I have not yet started working on specific holiday projects.... But yes, it is motivating that you are asking!!

sisylyn2 said...

I haven't started my Christmas projects yet but if I stay out of the hospital I plan to start soon.

Juliequilt said...

YIKES! Mo I have't my holiday projects started yet. But I HAVE been finishing long awaiting projects...Love the thread painting for this block!

Cordelia said...

Oh no I haven't and then September will arrive and I will freak!

Lauriejo said...

Ummm does wandering around Pinterest for inspiration count as starting? If so, then I'm well on my way!

Amanda Best said...

I have 4 jelly roll race style quilts that are for Christmas gifts. They were supposed to be done for last Christmas, but they didn't get done in time, so now I am ahead of the game for this year!
I love your free motion flowers!
My email is:

Rhonda Best said...

I have not yet started making my holiday projects, too early for me. Concentrating on birthdays right now.

mamapfief said...

I haven't started doing any holiday projects, really, but I've been doing some preliminary thinking!

Linda said...

Dang.....that's what I get for not reading my emails for a few days! I missed the giveaway!

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