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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WIP Wednesday!

Why finish projects when you can just add more?  That seems to be the way things are going in my little world. Besides, if I did not start new projects I would be without new WiP's.  That is my story and I am committing to it!

I was bitten and smitten with the 100 Days 100 Blocks Instagram SewAlong and have been having so much fun. You can follow along with my progress in my Instagram feed :o)

But first, I want to share The Splendid Sampler Block I made designed by Jane Davidson!  My printer ran out of ink ( or so it said).  It only took me two weeks before I was able to go grab new cartridges to print up the blocks I had missed.

The first one I made is this stunning beauty! I love this block with all of my heart!  The Modern Backgrounds with the perfectly pink Liberty of London. Swoon!

If you still would like to join in on The Splendid Sampler  Sew Along, visit the website for the free pdf patterns and find out all about the Facebook group that is beyond fun and supportive!

Back to the 100 Blocks 100 Days!

I am making two different quilts.  One color block quilt with as many fussy cuts as I can possibly manage because fussy cuts ROCK!

The other quilt I am making with this sew along is 100% up cycled garments from the thrift shop.  These are mostly men's woven cotton shirts. I do use other garments and fabrics but cotton woven is the easiest for me.  

I am adding other elements to some of these blocks here and there to make them more challenging for me. This quilt will be more of 100 mini quilts!  The process is completely exciting!  

I love making this one!  I used the free tutorial for woven fabric from Mister Domestic!  The process is fabulously easy and is even somewhat addictive once you start!

The tutorial is beautifully written and has lovely photos of the process to help those of us that need visual guidance ( hand up right here! ).

These blocks are so fast!  I love being able to have them completed so quickly.  You can join in anytime!  For all of the information visit Angie's website Gnome Angel .



Debbie said...

You are ambitious to make two sets but your blocks are looking amazing!!

Anita Nelson said...

Love your photography! Love your writing style!

jeanne e. said...

oh my! i love both sets of your blocks, but i am especially drawn to your thrifted blocks. so lovely!

Katty Peri said...

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