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Friday, January 20, 2017

How to choose Aurifil thread weight and needle compatibility

The Quilter's Planner has been having a fun event on Instagram for January using their 2017 planner but you can play along using any planner!

Everyday has been a new prompt to help set goals, keep track of time and promote ways to balance family, professional and SEWING time!  We can all use more of that in our days 😉

Yesterday's prompt was Top Tip.  The tip I shared is one that I do believe is important for everyone that sews!

Thread and needle compatibility with the materials and thickness of the project being sewn. There are different weights ( thicknesses ) of threads and each has their recommended use(s).  the same applies to needles.  Some people have difficultly with their projects and look to their machine as the culprit. many times the issue is with not choosing the proper thread and needle weight/size.

Our machines are everything! If it is not happy, we are not happy!  Choosing the right thread and the correct needle size will eliminate many "machine" issues and will also help your machine sew better LONGER!

I wrote notes in my planner to help keep track of the Aurifil thread weights and needle weights.  I use Schmetz needles for my machine sewing.

Aurifil 12 wt, the red spools,  is the thickest thread.  It comes in both cotton ( mako) and wool ( lana).

This thread is a wonderful choice for
Machine quilting

When using on your domestic sewing machine:
Use 50wt for the bobbing thread
Reduce your sewing speed

Needle size:
100/16 machine embroidery
90/14 machine quilting

I have also used 12wt cotton for hand sewing buttons on my Cathedral Window Pincushions.

Aurifil 28 wt is the grey spool.  It is cotton (mako)

This is my favorite thread weight and is also perfect for
Higher impact quilting without the fussiness of 12wt

For a domestic home sewing machine:
Use 50wt for the bobbing thread ( although I have successfully used 28wt in top and bobbin)

Needle Size: 90/40

Aurifil 40wt is the green spool and is cotton (mako)

This is a wonderful All Purpose Thread!

This is a thread you will want to have on hand for a variety of uses, including

Piecing ( not the number one choice but many people do)
Garment sewing
Bag sewing

For a domestic home sewing machine:
You can use 40wt in top and bobbin with ease

Needle size: 70/10 or 80/12

Aurifil 50wt is the FAVORITE, the star of the show!  50wt is cotton (mako)

This is the number one piecing thread!  Other uses for this wt include:

Garment sewing
Quilting ( for when you want the quilting to melt into the fabric)

For a domestic home sewing machine:
You can use 50wt in the top and bobbin

Needle size:

Most importantly! BE ADVENTUROUS!  Make a 10x10 of what you want to try and give it a GO! I always make a sample to try out some old and new! 

There is also a wealth of information on the sticker on the bottom of the Aurifil spool!

Here is a short tip clip on how to read the information on a spool to tell you all you need to know before you sew!



Chris K. said...

This might be a good place to ask this question. I am using my first spool of 50-weight Aurifil. It seems to break quite easily. Is that normal (it's cotton, after all), or do I have a defective spool?

Go-Go Kim said...

Hi Fribble,

I am not a trouble shooter but have you tried a new needle? Aurifil is cotton but it is manufactured to withstand machine use! If you have tried a new needle, are not using it on overly thick layers or fabrics ( leather) and have the correct tension on your machine, then I would try contacting Aurifil. They are very good about helping customers :o)

margaret said...

very useful I thought I had never bought any aurifil but the otheday came accross a big reel of a varigated thread not sure what it is but used it to quilt a quilt and very haopy with it it does not give any details on it only aurifil and then brev whateverthat is!

Unknown said...

As a post-divorce gift to myself I bought a new sewing machine. I was a quilter a couple of decades ago when I had time and, now that I have time again, I'm getting back I to it. This info is perfect! I want to make beautiful things and keep my machine happy. Thank you so much! Sue Swanson, Meriden, CT

Lynette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jan Ward said...

Thank you for this gem of information.

Hadley Blues said...

Has anyone sampled the various product mentioned here, and can they tell which one is the best?

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Unknown said...

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