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Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Motivation {labels}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation!

Handmade items, whether they are quilts, bags, yarn items or garments, need to be labeled!  Someone ( presumably you) spent money for the raw materials, time to create those items and probably added in some blood (true story), sweat and a few tears in the process.

We all know that handmade items are not cheap or poorly made.  They are a true labor of love!  Yet so many of us forget to or overlook labeling our work!  My hand is WAY up in the air on this one!

Monday Motivation is labels you can make for free ( or very low cost) that will help to make this step a little easier!

Martingale has these free printable labels and tips for how to print on fabric by visiting here.

Sew Can She has free printable that can be printed on fusible interfacing to create a label.  Find her downloadable pdf and tutorial here.

Simple and sweet is the label tutorial from Sassafrass Lane here.

For crocheted items, this adorable label has room on the back for hand written care instructions by Cobberson & Co. here.

Easy Sewing for Beginners has a free tutorial here for how to make fabric labels for garments and other sewn items.

On the Spoonflower Blog here, There is a fun and free tutorial by Salty Oat on how to make fabric tags for handmade goods!

Pear Tree Stitching makes her lovely tags with a personalized stamp! Find out more by visiting here.

For knitted items, First Pancake Studio has these printable tags available here.

The way I have been making mine is pretty simple. It is my drawing of me that I started when my older boys were little.  I drew it on fabric and embroidered it using Aurifil thread.  It is personal!  

I hope you find inspiration in these tutorials and make some creative time for yourself! 

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margaret said...

lots of suggestions here, really should do proper labels I just write with a permanent pen on calico think it is muslin in USA and stitch it on not at all pretty!

Unknown said...

Thanks for including my tutorial in your list of tutorials for creating fabric labels! Very much appreciated!

Domenica | Easy Sewing for Beginners

Mirabella Chester said...

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