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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Splendid Sampler Block #95 Sunshine

When I was invited by Jane to be part of The Splendid Sampler, I had no idea how incredible it would be!  She came by the booth at Quilt Market and asked if I would be interested and I said, " Yes, that sounds like fun!"

I have always been up for some good sewing fun!

Some time passed and it was time to actually do the block.  I had some ideas but went back to one block that I created to make a pencil pouch for my daughter Katy.

You can download The Splendid Sampler #95 Sunshine Block here.

We have three sons and a daughter.  The two older boys were born when I was in my 20's. I spent years being a mom to boys.  I loved it! Trains, beach trips, The San Diego Zoo, parks with frogs and other amazing adventures. It was wonderful!

In my 30's I went back to work as a full charge bookkeeper and our lives were very busy!  Before I had boys, I thought I wanted a girl. After having them, I could not imagine life without boys!

I never even realized that I wanted a little girl until my dear friend Emma had her first daughter, Evie.  I ADORED Evie so much! So my heart strings were pulled a bit but there were no plans for another baby.  The oldest was 11 and the youngest, at that time was 8.


As often happens, a surprise!  Everyone had tried to convinced me that the new ( SUPRISE) baby I was carrying was, in fact, a boy.  Either way, I did not really care.  I just wanted a healthy baby.  And that is exactly was I received.

To everyone's surprise, even mine, a red faced, dark haired tiny little person ( that just happened to also be female) was introduced into the world.  I thought if I were to have a girl, I would cry.  I did not.  Instead I laughed by head off.  When the Dr said " You have a baby girl!"  I had him repeat it, since, you know, I could have completely heard him wrong with all of that pushing nonsense going on.  I really was not sure what to do with her of boys here!  But, in time she taught us.  She is our Sunshine.

I started sewing because of our youngest son but found that, after time, I was looking for projects to sew for Katy.  This Ticker Tape Quilt I made for her doll.  I happened upon it when looking for props for the remake of the block.  I though it was funny how the colors match the Sunshine Block!

Every year since Katy started school after we moved to VA, I made her a new pencil pouch.  The second year that I made her one, this is the block that I made.  It was made using Tula Pink and Robert Kaufman Linen.  I made it in 2012 and she still uses it. The Sunshine Block is from this one I designed for her case.

If you have been sewing along with The Splendid Sampler you have been learning so many was to sew using small pieces!  Many of the designers have had great tips and tricks for how to make the process easier and more proficient to get those perfect ( or almost perfect) blocks!

Here is my tips for making more perfect nested block units. When I make tiny nested block units, I first cut them a little larger than necessary.

Stitch them up, press to the dark side

Then I pin ( this is Sharon's tip that I LOVE) on the diagonal.

After sewing the two units together, I press them and then trim to the necessary size.

I used this for all of the four section blocks.

Yesterday morning, I made a quilt video on Instagram to show how this method is awesome for getting perfect nested seams!  I also use only Aurifil 50wt for piecing.  The thread is thin and makes your seam allowance perfect!  

The Splendid Sampler has been the most fun for sewing and learning new techniques! Thank you so much for joining in!!!

Pat and Jane, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this remarkable event and all of the good that has come with it.  Love you both so very much!


PatSloan said...

thank you so much Kim for being on our project... smooches!!!!

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Love your block Kim! Can't wait to make it! Great story about being a mom of sons and then a girl! I thought having one of each would be nice but after I had one son and then twin sons, well I guess I was meant to be a mother of sons! And it's been wonderful! But, then again, motherhood is a blessing no matter the details!!

Unknown said...

It's hard to believe that I'm still learning tips after 17 years of quilting. I like the diagonal. I really like the methods for making blocks bigger then cutting them to size. I do that for a lot! Even though it means more work!

Stitches said...

I like your block very much, I really need to get caught up with mine..You didn't mention your 3rd son, when did he come along???

Unknown said...

nice tips!!! and a lovely story too. thanks

margaret said...

was so pleased when I downloaded this block yesterday and saw it was yours and liking how you shared with us how it came to be.Lovely to read about the arrival of your little girl who everyone though was a boy. Fingers crossed she will love stiching too.Good tip to cut the pieces slightly larger and trim will remember that when I do my block, planning once all downloaded to pick th easiest ones to make an do a lap quilt, have a few done but only a few will have to pass on all th FPP and applique ones but maybe will do embroidery for some of the applique designs as I do love to embroider

Dad said...

Kim, I love, love, love your Sunshine block, and not just because we have not had any for weeks in the gray Midwest. I also appreciated your passing on SH's tip about diagonal pinning...VERY helpful. I am also a mom of 3 grown sons and one grown daughter who have given me 5 grandsons and 2 them all! Thanks again for your lovely Sunshine block!

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