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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Sewing

I have been a bad blogger this week.  There was a last minute business trip to Ohio to visit +Checker Distributors that put me behind schedule on sewing and posting.  It was so fast that I did not even get the opportunity to take photos.  It is an amazing facility and all of the team there were so incredibly gracious.  Even though I am now playing catch-up, it was really so very worth it!

This week I did add to my Tall Tales blocks.  Only by one but something is always better than nothing.

Yes, even though I do not eat thighs, breasts or even 🍳 eggs on Sundays, I WANT chickens! I can feed the eggs to the people that live here or just give them away! 

Along with the chickens I would have a goat 🐐 named Pricilla and ducks 🦆 Ringo, 🦆 George 🦆 John and 🦆 Mick. Mick because I never really was all that into Paul but Jagger is the BOMB! .

I would also have a garden with 🍅, potatoes 🥔 hot 🌶 and 🌽❤❤❤

The chickens would be allowed to roam free in the garden to eat the 🐜 bugs and horn 🐛 that like to eat tomato 🌱 Naughty worms! .

I have dreamt of this garden since I was 6. There may have also been some long skirts and big hats involved too but now that I realize how difficult big skirts are that is not happening! I am however fully embracing a big old hat! 

The make from a combination of my #100days100blocks and @katebasti #talltalesblock and stitch with +Aurifil .

I am also making baby bibs for my granddaughter! She has been using the bibs I made for her brothers YEARS ago!  It was time for a change! 

And because no trip is complete without the last minute insanity of things, I had to fix my bag strap for my Cathedral Windows bag!

What have you been sewing this week?


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margaret said...

your garden sounds idyllic with all the chickens etc, block nad bins look good, trust you have caught up with yourself now after all the rushing about. I love the cathedral windows bag a real beauty

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