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Friday, March 31, 2017

Freestyle Friday!

Is Freestyle Friday a thing?  No not really. At least until today!

Blogging can be hard work and sometimes everyone has to take a short break to get caught up with work ( did someone say tax season?), kids (tennis season started), doctor's appointments and getting caught up sewing projects for friends and Quilt Market!

Although I cannot share the projects for friends and Quilt Market, I was able to whip up some other fast projects to share here!

The title of this #talltalesblockis Inspire!

When the older kids were younger ( a very very very long time ago) I would crank Bob Marley on the single guy speakers (  the speakers that the in house engineer bought before we were married hence the "single guy" part).

It would be me, the boys and Bob ❤

Three Little Birds was a favorite and was inspiration to just be in the moment to enjoy where you are and who you are with. It means so much more now to me than ever with the kids being older and flying this way or the other. With other changes that are taking life this way and that with the wind predicting the direction.

"Don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright."

  • I am sure you cannot see the title of this story made using @katebasti's #talltalesblock pattern.

    It is called " Jump as off a diving board"

    There are many things in life that you have to just close your eyes and take the plunge! Many things you are also just pushed in for the side of the pool rather unexpectedly! .

    Either way, you hit the cold water and gasp for a second or two before you can start enjoying the water. 

    Once you start enjoying the water you totally forget about that initial first response and embrace the good. 

    Unless you cannot swim in which case wear life vests ALL THE TIME, especially around the cousins you know will push you in! .

    Anyway, the book covers are from my #100days100blocks collection made from a variety of fabrics,  the pages are upcycled shirts and my thread is always Aurifil ❤

I also made another bib for  my grand daughterHazel 🌰 Beautiful butterfly 🦋fabric  and ribbon with a purple chenille backing 💜It will be perfect for her! 

And Spring happened in the past week with all kinds of plants blooming!  

Tomorrow I am considering driving up to the AQS Show in Lancaster, PA with Katy so there is a possibility of Saturday Sewing including tons of beautiful quilt photos! 

What have you been sewing this week?


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Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Thanks for such a beautiful post! Love the stories behind each book!

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