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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Memory Making and antiques!

I have kids ranging in age from 29 ( YIKES) to almost 10 ( my last single digit midget).  My one girl is now 16.  She is a junior in high school, on the tennis team, she is self motivated and honestly is a force to be reconed with. She is sass and class all rolled into a 5ft 8in beauty queen that I love with every fiber of my being ( honestly I love ALL my kids with every fiber of my being).

When I was thinking about driving up to American Quilter's Society Quilt Week in Lancaster, PA, I was telling Katy about it.  Her immediate response was, " I want to go with you!"  

My friend Mandy Leins was working in the Bernina booth and kindly offered that both Katy and I were welcome to stay with her.  I LOVE my quilt friends! 

If you do not know Mandy, you need to meet her!  She is a classical archeologist turned quilter!  She is brilliant, talented, grounded and KIND!  She has some exciting things coming up that you will NOT want to miss!  You can find her blog here for updates and her daily fun on Instagram here

So Saturday morning we hit the road to PA without a care in the world except we did forget bring a cord to get fab music. 

Lancaster was NOTHING like I had imagined it would be. I imagined small, locally owned shops by Amish and Mennoites.  

There were instead businesses of EVERY kind, religion and nationally.  Also, each and every business  we visited were kind.  Not the gross kind of sales kind but they had twinkling in their eyes when they smiled.  It was refreshing.

The OOPSY and my sadness, it that in place of taking, editing and writing about all the Quilt Week quilts, I did live video from the floor.  

It was so much fun and people from all over the world were saying " hi" and "lovely colors" during  the live feed.  It was a great joy to be able to spend time with quilters internationally, some who do not have access to these show, to be able to stroll through the show and share the quilts with them. 

To everyone that hung with me though them...THANK YOU For being there with me! 

The OOPSY and sadness is that I FORGOT to save the videos. By the time I had finished the quilts were already getting prepped for takedown.  So have not one quilt photo to share here. 

Thank brings me back to the girlie. MY girlie. 

If you have never seen her, she is the beauty to my left.  I am the goof on the right ;o) 

She was even questioned about her weekend plans and when she said, " Quilt Show with my Mum."  the responds back was basically  eyerolling "no FUN"  and and extra dash of lame! 

Katy told the guy, " The quilting is her thing, I just want to so that I can spend time with my mum!"  

My heart grew three sizes that day!  MY teenaged daughter is choosing a "lame" quilt show with her mum over cooler stuff with friends at 16!  

She does not like photos but I was able to get just a few.

There were so few photos taken, we both were sharing time and creating memories just together.

This coffee/tea house was outstanding!  Passenger Coffee has wonder tea and delightful service!  Their pastries are fabulous too!

After hitting the road again we stopped for gas and found an antique shop filled with treasures. I had to break the no photos rule for some of the coolness I found here!

These Pussy Willow were everywhere!  I cannot remember ever seeing them in the wild before!

Katy spotted this old Singer  ( I have the kids trained!)

When we came across these cases, I was told that she would be taking mine with her...SAY WHAT!?!

In hindsight, the orange pot needed to come home with me!

Now we are back in the world of work, school, tennis and family.  I am so very grateful to have had time with my girl. Thank you again Mandy, you are the sweetest! 



vincenzo126 said...

Our children make our heart sing! Thank you for sharing your weekend with her! -Jean

sandi s said...

I love seeing some of the things you posted, it looks like so much fun. Your daughter is a real sweetheart. She is also quite attractive. Hugs,

Molli Sparkles said...

I feel you completely. All the heart eye emojis for this.

Hilary said...

It looks like y'all had so much fun! I love going places with my mom, and fingers crossed my kiddos will enjoy going places with me ;)

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

So very lovely! How special to spend that time with your gorgeous daughter! Making memories is the best time!

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