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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Project Quilting Season 10

If you like being challenged and working on short deadlines + being eligible for fab prizes...

Project Quilting is for YOU!

One challenge, one week to start and COMPLETE a project!

This week was Hope Runs Eternal!

I was at a loss for what to make and then I remembered that Nicole from Lillyella has the most beautiful free butterfly quilt patterns.  

Butterflies are magical to me. The transformation process is astounding. Many times in our lives we go through different things that have the ability to turn us into something else.  Oftentimes what happens is marvelous! 

Looking at butterflies gives me hope, grounds me by connecting me to my grandmother ( she loved butterflies) and reminds me that even when there are hard events happening, that making a peaceful acceptance of outcomes can be freeing. 

I look forward to seeing the other projects submitted! 

If you have not joined the party, there is still time!!!!!

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PersimonDreams said...

This is beautiful! I'm so so so so so beyond happy that you decided to join in the PQ fun!

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