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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mister Domestic Aura Blog Party! Deer & Doe Magnolia Dress

Why Hop when you can PARTY?!?!

Mister Domestic throws the BEST parties!

I loved his new fabric SO MUCH that I signed up for not one but two days of sewing fun!

There is also the part where I got to have TWO holidays!

The first being Valentine's Day 💝 It is not because I love holidays, it was purely functional. I was sure I could not forget my days if they were national holidays!

Mister Domestic

 First up for my projects is the Dear and Doe Magnolia Dress in Aloha Spirit knit.

I had to make a significant small bust adjustment for the correct fit, but Deer and Doe have a tutorial for both the small and large bust adjustments in their site. 

I made 3 muslins before I found the perfect fit! Thank goodness I had the in house 11-year-old to help me with figuring it all out!

I made a couple of changes that make me happier with the look of the dress.

I did not add the tie in the back for 2 reasons.

One, it was not needed.  With the knit, the fitted shape was perfect without having to cinch the waist.

Two, it was added weight. Almost 5 yards of fabric is heavy!  I decided I could do without the added weight!

I lied, three...I don't care for the look of back ties, especially with an empire style waist.

It works perfectly without!

I honestly LOVE this fabric! The colors are to LIVE FOR ( If I died, I could not enjoy them)! The knit is buttery soft and the stretch is lovely!

And these photos were the fastest photos EVER TAKEN! It is still Winter, and it was in the '40s. I was shivering and shaking. It may be time to relocate to Florida or Arizona or something!

Already looking forward to my next holiday post on St. Patrick's Day! I will be sharing something very different on that day!!!

Until then...

Check out all of the other party people's fun fabric posts using Mathew's fabrics!!!



Diane said...

This dress is gorgeous - you are absolutely right about the colors, and the drape on the knit is wonderful.

Gene Black said...

The dress looks great. I am still laughing about your 11-year old helping with the bust fitting.

Sew Hungryhippie said...

YOU ARE FABULOUS AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dead.
LOL ok ok you know what I mean. XOXO

Robby said...

You always look fab in the clothes you make. I suspect it is a combination of not giving up until you're happy with it, and you know how to wear clothes to flatter you. Both are grownup life skills, IMO. Only thing missing from this post is a closeup of that fabric for a bit more detail.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

My gosh Kim the dress is so beautiful! It fits you perfectly and the photos are gorgeous too. Great shoe choice as well! I aim to one day get into dressmaking and hope I can find dresses that suit me this well xxx

Lisa Lisa said...

You, the dress, and that fabric are all absolutely gorgeous!!

Pamela said...

That dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous in it! The fit is perfect, you did a great job!

Rhona said...

Its beautiful, love the fabric, l want to try making a dress now lol

Judy said...

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