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Friday, February 22, 2019

Project Quilting 10.4 - A Framed Pixel Applique Hot Air Balloon


I am high fiving you and me! This week was Project Quilting 10.4, and the challenge was Pixel Play!

Crickets! That's what I had CRICKETS!

I had big plans for something else and BAM! Challenge changed all of that TOOT SWEET!  But that is what a challenge is supposed to be, it just so happens that I was also the PQCelebrity host for the week so not participating was not an option. 

I started looking around at ideas that were not a billion pieces and something that I could finish in a few days. 

This is what I came up with! A colorful hot air balloon!!!! 

It is a simple raw edge applique with a million tiny pieces all from Island Batik fabrics. Batiks have FABULOUS color + no fray! It was nice to be able to keep the raw edges raw and not have to use the special sewing words to trim the whiskers off the fabrics every 10 seconds!

Look at how CLEAN the edges are all the gorgeous colors!!!!! Be still my beating heart! 

 The LDH Scissors snips were PERFECT for getting into the tight spots!

I used a massive amount of colors from the Foundations Blenders and Basics. The more, the merrier!!!

The must-haves for this project were long tweezers, a rotary cutter, painter's tape ( to secure the template), a small ruler ( the pieces were .25" or less) and a good sense of humor. I used SF-101 to trace the template, then cut the sections

I traced in colors as to not lose my place! Again, I was working on the fly so the original was not what I ended up with making.  Being a thrillsewer, I take chances and hope it will work out!

And...IT DID!!!!

At this point, the in house 11 year old laughed and told me it looked like an Easter Egg. He wasn't wrong!

For the ropes and basket, I used Aurifil 40wt for a heavier look.

At the end of the day, I am not sure that I can say it is a pixelated project, but it is as close as I will probably ever get to one!

It is fantastic to have it completed! I was hoping for a better day to photograph, but that did not happen!

It was super cool, as a host, I was able to choose to give some dollars to a charity! My choice was where I volunteer every week with my in house 11 year old. It is The Table at St. George's. It is a super amazing market-style food pantry for ANYONE in need 💗 We have been going weekly for a few months, and It is the best decision I have made in a very long time.

Thank you Project Quilting!!!!

Make sure to get your quilt hooked up to the linky party for PRIZES!!!! Visit Project Quilting on PersimonDreams! 



Gene Black said...

I love your quilt. But then it is batik and I love all things batik. (And it is a balloon. One of my favorite movies is UP!)

Did I miss something? How did you attach the pieces?

Danette said...

So lovely! It's nice seeing how you did this, too.

Leanne Parsons said...

I love it, Kim! Those batik colours are so bright, they're the perfect choice for a cheerful hot air balloon :)

Dione Gardner-Stephen said...

Thrillsewer.... I like that! Great project too.

Benjamin Smith said...

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