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Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday Motivation (16 Free Fruit Patterns)

Hello and welcome back to Monday Motivation!

Winter is still alive and well! While (impatiently) waiting for warmer days, Natalie and I thought that bringing a little fruity fun might be the ticket to lift those weary, dreary spirits!!

This roundup of free fruit inspired projects includes quilt, crochet, embroidery, and even a lovely printable to keep your days filled with pure joy! Loads of options for you to choose from to fit into all of your creative outlets or at least some of them!

Strawberries and tomatoes are a natural in sewing rooms! You can make an entire basket of these delightful Strawberry Pincushions with a free pattern + tutorial by Sedef from Down Grapevine Lane.

For more citrus fun, check out the free Orange Slice embroidery pattern featured on DMC!

An apple a day can be achieved by making the Free Patchwork Apple Mini Quilt Pattern by Sassafrass Lane Designs!

A quilt made using this free block by Bec of Skyberries Handmade would be a welcome addition to any room!

Want a great way to add fruity art to your home decor? Grab some second hand frames and visit The Cottage Market for a full fruit bowl of free printable art for your personal use!

Mollie Johanson is the best when it comes to whimsical embroidery patterns! Her Free Fruit Border Embroidery Pattern featured on The Spruce Crafts is no exception!

When life gives you lemons...make a QUILT! This darling Lemonade Quilt is a free tutorial from Etc. Fabrics, Scrapbooks, More!

Watermelon season is the best time of the year! Suzy Quilts has a charming and free Mod Melons Quilt Pattern to bring that joy into your life a little sooner!

This little apple is perfect for small change! The free Apple Shaped Zipper pouch is simple and delightful pattern by Bird from Bird's Party!

If you are a Cricut user (I am not but this pattern is just so DANG CUTE), this pattern is perfect for you! Melissa from Polka Dot Chair made these precious Fruit Crossbody Bags and is sharing the SVG files + tutorial for you to use!

Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me (LOVE that name) has a free crochet pattern to make this little zipper pouch!

You can take your fruit with you as a crocheted keychain using the Citrus Fruit Keychain free pattern (an ad free pdf version is also available for purchase) by Jillian from Spin A Yarn Crochet.

This cheery Clementine Mug Rug is a fab free pattern from Forth Worth Fabric Studio!

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Waffle Wordle said...

What a meaningful and humane article. Thank you for sharing with us.

dordle said...

You can take your fruit with you as a crocheted keychain

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