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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Simplicity Pattern 1590

As I am making more garments, I am also putting my toes into uncharted waters for my sewing knowledge. Personally, I find it exciting, frustrating, exhilarating, challenging, and exhausting! All amazing things in my head. Learning new things, the challenge of the sew is one if the biggest reasons I do sew.

The challenger for this round was Simplicity pattern 1590. It is a lovely vintage reprint of a 1940's peplum blouse.

The peplum top has never been top on my list of makes. The ones I have seen are typically very heavy in the peplum part of the blouse creating the illusion of extra weight in the hip area. Being a pear shape, I am not sure I care for the bottom of my pear appearing larger. 

When I was looking through patterns, I ran across the Simplicity 1590 in the book. It is vintage, giving it bonus points in my book, it looked lighter in the peplum than other patterns that have that full circle appearance, and it had buttons. All things that persuaded me to purchased the pattern.

The fabric is a very lightweight sheer cotton that I picked up in a local thrift shop. Pretty sure it is vintage. I purchased 4 pieces of fabric in the same pile and the others were definitely vintage. The color is not something that is in my closet and the price was right, so I figured, what the heck, I'd give it a try. 

The fabric was, in fact, perfect for this top. I could not have been more pleased! 

The drape in the back was completely flawless, I was so impressed with that happy event that I neglected to check the fit. I am fairly certain atet it is a tad short waisted. Not the end of the world but man I am kinda bummed.

When showing the in-house engineer the photos (taken when it was 33 degrees outside), I noticed the short waisted issue.  Not sure if it is 100% since I was shivering and the back shifted up a little. Until it gets warmer (over 80 please) I am not completely confirming the short waisted issue.

This is the first garment I have made button holes for...ever! I have loads of zipper experience but buttons have never been part of a pattern I have tried. 

Now wondering why I have not forced the issue prior to this top. Seriously, if you have not tried buttonholes, go play now! It is not difficult and is really sorta fun. 

I will remain on the fence on how I feel about this on me. Paired it with two pencil skirts and these slacks and the slacks won. There is an idea dancing around in my head to make a new pencil skirt in a fab vintage fabric to make the top shine. While I am on the search for the perfect fabric, I will be sewing other stuff.

The most important thing I am taking away from this experience is:

Garments are so very personal! If you love something, WEAR IT! Nine times out of ten, you will rock it based on how you feel in it! The opposite is also true, even if everyone tells you something looks fantastic on you and you are NOT FEELING it, there is no law that says you HAVE to wear it! 

Not even if you spent the time to make it! 

If you do LOVE peplum blouses (I know ya'll are out there), I highly recommend Simplicity 1590. Simple to read instructions and a lovely fitted pattern. 



Susan P said...

The top is really beautiful, but to be honest it does look a little short waisted in the fit. If you can alter a pattern, I would just add a bit to make it a better fit. You have such a great figure, jealous.

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