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Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday Motivation 17 FREE Embroidery Patterns + Tutorials

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Welcome back to Monday Motivation! Every week Natalie Santini and I bring you inspired projects from top designers!

With more places going to Shelter In Place orders, we thought bringing in other crafts that can be easily picked up and put down for all the parents that have kids at home or people working from home that can be creative on their breaks. 

If you need a break from sewing projects, go grab some floss and a needle to create beautiful embroidery! 

This week is 17 FREE Embroidery patterns + tutorials! 

First up is this lovely fern embroidery pattern by Wandering Threads Embroidery!

Flamingo Toes has a lovely way to say I love you with her "i love us" free embroidery pattern.

The free Meadow Embroidery Pattern by Hodge Podge Craft  is a sweet project filled with the joys of Spring!

Snowflake Mandala: Winter inspired embroidery freebie by Stitch Floral is SO PRETTY! Not a big fan of snowflakes in real life but I can completely support making this beauty! 

Paper embroidery is a super hot trend! Making cards for friends and family is a great way to stay connected! Craft and Patterns has a video to show you how to make a fun Hello card! 

A fast and easy Embroidered Strawberry Pincushion by Anorina from Samelia's Mum is a free downloadable pattern that would be delightful to have in any sewing room! 

Up, Up and Away in my beautiful balloon! Designer Dhara Shah is featured on Anchor Crafts with her free Hot Air Balloon pattern!

Mollie from Wild Olive speaks our love language...COFFEE! She is also one of the most generous people ever with her free embroidery patterns! You can download her free coffee embroidery patterns and have at least one cup this morning! 

Do you have a space lover in your life? Abi Skinner created Lunar Star a free pattern for DMC that is filled with little bits of star dust (if you purchase the kit). 

If you have been Sashiko curious hop over to The Spruce to download their free Sashiko patterns and tips on how to add this mindful stitching art into your craft life.

On my long time list of "to learns" has been ribbon embroidery! Check out your stash to see if you have silk ribbon and then join Mollie to show you (and me) how to create a stunning work of art

Don't know Backstitch from Fishbone? Cutesy Crafts has a free tutorial for you to learn your stitches and to make this free sampler. You will need to sign up for her newsletter to receive the pattern. 

If tea is more your jam, Crewel Ghoul has a 4 day course for you to learn how to make this adorable stacked teacup pattern. The classes come directly to you in your email. 

Embroidery on garments is making a HUGE comeback! Even the in house teen adds embroidery to denim and it looks amazing! Visit the Think.Make.Share. Blog to grab the free pattern and a tutorial on how to lay some stitches on your clothes! 

Another fab way to add embroidery to your clothes, embroidery on your sweaters with yarn! The YouTube page Charles and Elin is filled with many embroidery educational videos! 

Hope your week is filled with love, light and some self care in the form of creativity 💖

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Charlotte M. said...

Great post Kim! I bounce between sewing, embroidery and crochet. These are some great looking projects!

Barb N said...

Do you have the correct link for Mollie's silk ribbon pattern?

Quilting Gail said...

Thanks, Kim!

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