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Monday, May 11, 2020

15 Free Striped Themed Projects!

Do you LIVE for the lines? It's no secret Natalie LIVES for stripes! Here's a roundup of 15 Striped Themed Projects for YOU to make and add your lifestyle! 

2. Here's a slipcover tutorial with stripey fabric by Sew a Fine Seam.

3. Easy knit fabric skirt tutorial from Our Life is Beautiful.

4. This tutorial from Modkid has you making a spinner type stripe mini. I love it!

5. Quilty Love has a fat stripe quilt tutorial for you here.

6. Here's Natalie's  Stripe-y Tote tutorial that Moda Bake Shop featured.

7. I've loved this quilt since I first saw it on Robert Kaufman's website. Designed by Sarah Thomas of Bluprint Textiles, here is the PDF download.

8. Cuckoo4Design shows you how to paint wooden magazine files to make them pOp in this tutorial.

9. This neon tablecloth tutorial from Oh Happy Day is SUPER fun! I'm gonna do this as soon as the weather clears.

10. YESSSS!!! Dreamy striped plant pots tutorial from Lonny. J'dore!

11. Maybe She Made It has a tutorial for matching your stripes when sewing garments. I use method one all the time.

12. Popcosmo has a tutorial for making your own striped mug. 

13. Emily Hallman shows you how to sew the stripes together to make a skirt or two. This tutorial is longish and covers some things (not a full tute on sewing the skirt), but it's great inspo! It's fun to see the difference stripes make for a pencil skirt and a swing skirt.

14. Adhesive ribbon makes a temporary look for jeans that don't require sewing. Find this tutorial here at PapernStitch.

15. Natalie did this (actually her Mom and Aunt Bonnie did the painting) to my house when she lived in San Antonio with a lavender color in the bedroom. GORGEOUS!  This tutorial from Honey We're Home will have you making Expert Level stripes.

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