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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

12 DIY Fabric Jewerly Makes

Here is a roundup of jewelry you can make with textiles. Scraps, threads, fibers, yarns, felts, you name it. These would also keep kids busy - just sayin'!

Make your own fabric beads with Alma Stiller's tutorial here.

Painted Leather earrings by Hello Glow.

Fabric wrapped rope jewelry by Felt Magnet.

Tassel Necklace tutorial by Made in a Day.

Make a t-shirt necklace with Vicky Myer's tutorial.

Same idea but for bracelets! This tutorial is by CuciCuciCoo.

I've done this so many times and it's super fun and easy. 
This tutorial by A Crafted Life will have you making your own personalized button earrings in no time.

Brit & Co has an Anthro inspired bib necklace tutorial here for you.

Enthralling Gumption has a DIY for a woven necklace. So cute!

Make mini yarn skein earrings with this tutorial by Bacon Time with Hungry Hypo.

Not a tutorial, but this post by Craft Minute has a plethora of inspiring felt jewelry makes. 
Most look easy enough to replicate if you know your way around felt and needle.

Positively Splendid has a brooch tutorial here, make with felt, fabric, or burlap.

There are no limits with textile jewelry, and best of all you probably have a large scrap bin sitting around that you can play with at virtually no cost. YAY!

Jewelry findings can help speed up the process, I usually get mine on Etsy or steal from my own jewelry pile I don't wear anymore, upcycling parts.

Glues I like to use include FabriTac and E6000.


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