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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Sew Good Blog Hop

It has been a bit since I have participated in a new fabric launch Blog Hop! I was so excited to be asked to be a part of this fun new collection by Fish Museum & Circus for Windham Fabrics! Sew Good has bright colors, fun sewing motifs, a lovely hand! 



Jennifer Strauser from Dizzy Quilter put together an amazing group of quilters to show you all of the different ways you can use these fun fabrics! Check out Jennifer's amazing project!!!!


"Where can you get your hands on Sew Good? Of course, I hope your local quilt shop has the whole line. I know for sure that you can get it directly from Deb at Fish Museum and Circus. I also know that Gotham Quilts has ordered the whole line. It should be hitting shops during the last week of February.

Thank you so much to all of the participating designers. And special thanks to Windham Fabrics for providing us all with such beautiful fabric to work with. Most of all, thank you, Deborah Fisher, for letting me set up this blog hop. It’s such a pleasure to work with you."

You can see all of the wonderful projects through the 12th of Feb by visiting:

2/1Jen StrauserDizzy Quilter@jenstrauser
2/2Becca FenstermakerSugar Sand Quilts@sugarsandquilter
2/3Sam Hunter
2/4Laura PilandSlice of Pi Quilts@sliceofpiquilts
2/5Lissa LaGrecaLovingly Lissa@lovinglylissa
2/6Jen StrauserDizzy Quilter@jenstrauser
2/7Kim NiedzwieckiGogo Kim@gogokim
2/8Sherry ShishPowered by Quilting@poweredbyquilting
2/9Sandra StarleyTextile Time Travels@textiletimetravels
2/10Amy FriendDuring Quiet Time@duringquiettime
2/11Deborah FisherFish Museum & Circus@fishmuseum
2/12Jen StrauserDizzy Quilter@jenstrauser


Jen Strauser said...

Thanks so much for sharing on your blog, Kim! I can't wait to see what you make.

Angel17 said...

They are so colorful. I love it! Interior Painter Joliet

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Steve Weldon said...

Deborah Fisher, the amazing artist and online exam helper behind Fish Museum + Circus, is probably best known for her unique ceramic works of joy, whimsy, and humor that sell out virtually fast wherever they are displayed. Windham was kind enough to provide me a bunch of fabric so I could play, and now Deborah is adding some of that playfulness to her brand-new fabric line called Sew Good!

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