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Friday, April 1, 2022

Craft Room Overhaul!!!! JOIN IN!!!!!

Creative spaces are a double edged sword, it is fantastic to have an area to be creative, no matter if it is big or small...BUT...those spaces we LOVE also can get out of control quickly making into a place we distance from and sometimes even resent for the mess that is created.

During Project QUILTING, which was AMAZING, Kim Lapacek and I had many discussions about our sewing spaces and how they look and also how we feel in them and we came up with Craft Room Overhaul!

We are tackling the process in weekly bite sized pieces, we might alter these as we go to accommodate for parts that may take longer because the best laid plans are often met with a heavy dose of reality! Kim and I GET THAT situation! 

If you have never met Kim & Kim, here we are at Quilt Market about a million years ago when I was working for Aurifil. When the pandemic is more over, we need and updated photo!!!!!

Here is the current state of my sewing organization:

And then there the overflow that is my basement!


Yeah, I have some work to do!!!!!! But WE GOT THISSSSSSS!!! You, Kim, and ME make THREE of the best teams EVER!!!!!! Plus all of the bonus friends that will be doing this along with us to free

Once you have your photos and/or video taken it will be time to make a plan of attack.

  • Break the area into sections that need cleaning.
    • If you have a smaller sewing area or many crafts (that all live in various area, this applies to you too!)
  • Don’t be afraid to make a mess to get it clean. This will get very overwhelming. But the process will help to figure out what you have (will be like your birthday), if it is something that still interests you, and if it is worth keeping.
  • Make Goals
    • Start with an end in mind! It will help you get through the times when it looks worse on the road to getting better.

Kim and I will be sharing more tips on how to start sorting your piles and find great organizational tools throughout this week. Don’t feel like you have to do this all at once! Without getting into too many more details here’s a quick summary of the timeline for this Craft Room Overhaul.

Week 2: Notions!
Week 3: Books & Patterns
Week 4: Fabric (the BIG Dump)
Week 5: WIPs
Week 6: Back Together

Each week we’ll have a special link up party with a specific assignment right here on my website so we can hold each other accountable through the process.

Be sure to follow us on social media so you can see our progress updates and find out extra special tips and tricks we discover!

Go-Go Kim: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok

PersimonDreams: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok

There is a LINKY PARTY happening for this so that we can keep each other accountable and CHEER each other on with progress shots!

Please link up your “before” picture or video by visiting Kim's post HERE 

You are NOT ALONE! We can do this togetherđź’–




sandi s said...

This sounds like something I need to do. My things are just everywhere! Thank you. Hugs,

tunnel rush said...

This is a fantastic blog post

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