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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

My NYC Blog Hop

If you have not seen the new fabric collection from Gotham Quilts prepare to be amazed!!!!  This collection is a labor of love created by Andrea and Ivete (the co owners of Gotham Quilts) and is finally in the shop for all to enjoy! This collection takes a fun look into the life of a New Yorker!!!! 


It includes both iconic and fundane (mundane made fun) designs that are quintessential New York City! 


Give a BIG HELLO to... My NYC Fabric Collection!


Along with the collection they have also created kits to showcase the prints:

Gramercy Park Quilt Kit is my FAVORITE!!!!

The Blog Hop started off with each blogger receiving a bundle of 11 fat quarters of the My NYC Fabrics and were asked to make whatever we wanted!!!!! Check out the first two submissions!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!!!!

Jen Strauser's 



 and Becca Fenstermaker




Please visit all of the bloggers contributing in the blog hop to discover inspiration!  My date has been moved to the 8th because someone (ME) went on vacation and in the crazed packing FORGOT to bring the quilt to photograph. Life happens!

August 1Jen StrauserDizzy Quilter
August 1Becca FenstermakerSugar Sand Quilt Co.
August 2Kim NiedzwieckiGo-Go Kim
August 2Deborah FisherFish Museum and Circus
August 3Emily LeachmanThe Darling Dogwood
August 4Siobhan FitzpatrickCDM365 Studios
August 5Sherry ShishPowered By Quilting
August 6Autumn ShattoGeometry and Joy
August 6Lissa LaGrecaLovingly, Lissa
August 7Laura PilandSlice of Pi Quilts



  1. Can't wait to see your quilt! The Gramercy Park kit is my favorite from the shop, too. Hope you had a great vacation!

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  11. Interested in seeing your quilt! My favorite kit in the store is the Gramercy Park one. I hope your vacation was wonderful!

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