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Sunday, August 7, 2022

My NYC Fabric Blog Hop! Project Day!

It has been FORVER since I have sewn anything, much less a quilt! 

When Jen Strauser asked me if I wanted to be a part of the My NYC Blog Hop, I was ALL IN! I really do LOVE NYC so much!!!! Every time I have visited, I return home filled with inspiration, amazing memories, and a longing to go back for more!

If you have not seen My NYC fabric collection created by the dynamic duo and co-owners of Gotham Quilts, Andrea and Ivete, you are in for a wonderful surprise!  

The fabrics are available in bundles, yardage, and kits! I was sent a fat quarter bundle with 11 delightfully fun fabric to play with in my sewing room and here is the result:


To showcase all of the prints that are amazingly awesome as fussy cuts (y'all know how I cannot resist a good fussy cut), I chose the FREE (my favorite four letter F word) Gotham Quilts pattern Upside that you can find HERE


I will tell you, this is a 4-5 quilt from start to finish! EASY PEASY!  I am including the pressing, fabric cutting, and even the seam ripping (oh yeah, THAT happened!)! It is a great size ( the kid behind the quilt is 6'-1") and will make the perfect quilt for littles on up! This is my new GO TO pattern! 


If you are making this quilt, do be mindful of directional prints. I always make a practice block to see exactly how the prints will fit into the space available.





Check out the amazing iconic Brooklyn Bridge, pizza (YUM), yellow cabs, Greek coffee cups, pretzels, and the infamous Pizza Rat!!!!

 And now for something I have NEVER DONE, A slow quilt drop roll...




There are so many more projects to see using the My NYC fabric collection! Be sure to check out all of the other participants in the blog hop:





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