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Friday, August 19, 2022

The Kim Squared Creative

The best things are done with friends! Phone chats, sewing, cleaning (like for real check it out!), and sharing lives are all things I love to do with my friends! Kim Lapacek is one of my dearest friends and when we were on a video call last week she made one of the Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks while we were talking and BOOM!#kimsqauredcreative happened! That is how things are with Kim! Her enthusiasm is contagious and her laughter makes you believe you can do anything!  With not one but TWO Kim's, one that is a math whiz and we BOTH are creative, it just worked!


So now we are going to do the Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks  (#ad) together!  We do invite you to do them with us! It is a no frills, all for fun, just cuz we can and NEED to get back to sewing. We thought that you might be in that place too and a fun little 100 days together with 100 blocks would be just the ticket!


This will be my 4th 100 Modern Blocks Quilt. I cannot remember where I put the 1st, the 2nd and 3rd I did at the same time and only one was finished. This one will be different than all of the previous ones. It is gonna be CRAZY scrappy! I am excited to go outside of my zone.

Here is what Kim has to say about our little sew along:

"The #KimSquaredCreative will be making one block a day starting on August 23rd. If I did my math correctly (which I might not have), that means we should be making a block through the end of November. Both of us have been having a hard time getting back into sewing now that our work areas are clean and this should be the perfect kick in the butt we need.

Each day we will post our finished block on Instagram and then weekly we’ll do a “round up” on our websites of the blocks we’ve made.

I am also doing this because for me apple season has started at my family orchard. Finding time to sew is tougher but I know for my mental health I need to get down there. One block a day should be a manageable task."

We invite you to join us anytime or follow along on our journey! I’m sure we’ll be having fun! If you are new to quilting, this is a FAB skill builder! It is also a great stash buster. There are so many reasons to join in! 

You can find the Kims here:

Kim Niedzwiecki:

Kim Lapacek





Charlotte M. said...

So tempting, but I am working on so many projects right now. I will be watching though. Such fun!

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