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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WIP Wednesday! 100 Days 100 Blocks!

WIP Wednesday is more of the 100 Days 100 Blocks Sew Along on Instagram hosted by Gnome Angel.

I started off just as a fun sew along but these blocks have taken on a purpose for me. This often happenens when I am creating.  I decided that these quilts would be for my children.  

The youngest child has many quilts made by me. He has four quilts total and the last one I made for him is a gorgeous Log Cabin made from up cycled mens shirts.  

My daughter has none.  Between never being able to choose the perfect fabric or the perfect pattern, she just was completely overwhelmed with all of the choices.  She has chosen the quilt she would like to have as her own. It is the entirely red quilt I made from used garments a few years ago.  This quilt was made with a purpose she understands the complexity of the red.  She requested it because it has all of me in it.  That makes it special to her.

The two older boys also have none.  So they can decide between themselves who will eventually have these quilts that I am lovingly making for them.

So here are the blocks I have been making for the past week! 

The first set is all blocks from used garments I bought from the thrift shop and a couple from my own closets in the house. 

I have been learning some new techniques for adding texture to the blocks.

This past week I also stared using silk ties.  I learned that interfacing with silk is a MUST and starch is your best friend.

These are my fussy cut blocks.  I have used a huge variety of fabrics and my goal is to have 100 distinctly unique blocks.  They are all scrappy!

All of my blocks are pieced using Aurifil 50 wt thread.  I have used more than one color. I started out with a gorgeous purple, I have used a complete small spool of a lovely med grey and am now onto a large spool of a neutral off white.  The threads are 100%  long staple Egyptian cotton and are 2 ply.  The treads are thin and very strong.  Size matters when you need to have a perfect 1/4 scant seam.  I achieve it every time with Aurifil 50wt.

the fussy cut/ scrappy blocks are adorable and fun to create.  Many of them have stories attached to them.

This one is my love of Summer and water!  The colors and the images of fun in the sun remind me of being a kid!

My husband was a Navy pilot and I worked in Naval Aviation so we always have planes around the house.

The ocean has always fascinated me.  I dreamed of being an Oceanographer when I was a kid growing up in Florida.

The 100 Days 100 Blocks event is still going on if you would like to join in on the fun!  There are a zillion people all making these blocks and they are all stunning!  

You can see more of my blocks by visiting my gogokim Instagram feed .  You can find out more by visiting Gnome Angel where you can find out more about this event, other events she is hosting and about the fabulous sponsors including Cotton Factory! 

I hope to see you joining in on this sew along! 



Sharon T said...

I think you should consider writing a book using your amazing style techniques in your pictures. Such talent!
(I am rtakc on instagram)

Anonymous said...

Love your blocks!

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