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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

WIP Wednesday Lone Star Quilt

The Lone Star quilt has been on my list of "someday" makes for at least three years.  I love the look of them so much but figured that it would remain on my dream list forever.  Luckily for me, that was not the case.

Two events happened recently that changed my someday to last Saturday. Those are about the same...right?

Shari Butler has an adorable new fabric line In the Meadow and asked if I would like to play ( like I could say no 😉

And it just so happens that the in house 11 year old's teacher for a class he has been in for five years is having a baby. See where this is going?

A new baby quilt and a quilt ready for a blog hop all in one! Very tidy for me to check off two boxes at once!

baby quilt

Here are the sweet fabrics I am using. The are light and airy with colors that have the perfect Spring vintage feel. You can find out more about the fabrics on The In The Meadow Blog Hop that is going on right now!

The pattern I chose is a long time dream make of mine! It is a free pattern that is available on Moda Bake Shop. It is the Jellied Lone Star by Terri Ann.

It goes together rather quickly. I had some difficulty with lining up the seams for the sets but then figured out a solution that really helped me to have perfect matches. I will make a short video next week when the quilt is finished to share the trick I discovered.

Overall the pattern is a dream! It takes something that looks difficult and makes it completely manageable in a short span of time.

 The background fabric was chosen by the in house 11 year old and I believe he NAILED IT! 

The Robert Kaufman Kona green is exactly what was needed to give this star the perfect Vintage Spring feel! I was concerned with it possibly looking like a Christmas quilt but with so much yellow, it takes the focus off the green/red.

He is really happy with the way it is turning out and I am too.

This quilt will be the perfect size for a baby! Small enough to take along and big enough for a toddler!

The quilt is being pieced using Aurifil 50wt thread. I will probably use the new 40wt 3 ply for the quilting. I will have to see when it is all together where that adventure will take me.

This week is also filled with preparations for Quilt Market, #missingmarket and I am selling some of my Heather Ross out of print and very hard to find fabrics on Etsy ( I have been a very busy girl). 

If you are a collector or a fussy cut Heather Ross fanatic, check out my gogokimsews Etsy Shop. I will be listing more as time permits.

For more about the In the Meadow Blog Hop, visit some of the other projects being made with this fabric:

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Go Go Kim               http://www.gogokim.com
Kea Bee                    http://keabee.com



Anorina @SameliasMum said...

What a gorgeous quilt! That green just makes the coloured star to ‘pop’.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Just stunning!

PamKauppila said...

Lovely lone star! Can’t wait for your video.

vincenzo126 said...

Yes please to the "hints and tips" Lone Star Quilt video. Thank you.
-Jean 💟

Maria Moore said...

I just love this quilt and think it looks so good with these fabrics!

kramerl said...

Hi! Am making a lone star quilt and stumbled across yours when seeking inspiration- how lovely! I hope the recipient was so happy. <3

(also, random note: your hair in the photo where you're on the floor is gorgeous! We have quite similar hair and I despair of anything so cool. I know that this is now... very old, but nice job. :) )

kevinnelson said...

The Lone Star quilt journey, inspired by Shari Butler's In the Meadow fabric line and the imminent arrival of a baby, was a delightful read. The Jellied Lone Star pattern by Terri Ann was chosen, and the anticipation of a new baby quilt and a blog hop was a testament to thoughtful planning. flsa lawyer nyc

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